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  1. kathryn

    Best home method for facial hair removal

    I use this as well. I got mine from I do put a thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment on the area after I'm done, to prevent infection (pulling hair out from the roots leaves an opening that bacteria can get in). I don't have a lot of facial hair, but I hate having any, and this...
  2. kathryn

    My precious Punky

    {{{{Teracy}}}} I'm so sorry to hear about Punky. I know exactly what you're going through, as I just recently had to put my cat Bobsie down, though she didn't last very long with renal failure.
  3. kathryn


    Julie, Nan, Nightowl: so sorry to hear about the loss of your furry kids. I think it's hardest to have to make the decision of euthanasia (when I was a kid, all our cats seemed to go 'on their own'---they were old and wobbly, but didn't seem to be in pain. I've only had one so far on my own...
  4. kathryn

    What to eat before the race??

    I do 5k's and, like JeanneMarie, don't eat much. I usually have the same pre-race fuel: a smoothie made with banana, chia seeds, water, sometimes with some vega pre-workout performance optimizer and/or goji berries.
  5. kathryn


    I'm back, but don't know for how long. This has been the longest time I've gone without visiting the forums (here and VF). I've just had a really busy few months. Planning a fundraiser run/walk for my local animal shelter is taking up a lot of time (I proposed the idea, so ended up being...
  6. kathryn

    How do you get in your flax seed?

    When I use flax (I grind it fresh, or use sprouted ground flax that I keep in the freezer), I put it in oatmeal, or in a chocolate smoothie (works better, flavorwise, than in a fruit smoothie). However, I usually use chia seeds instead. I just throw a spoonful into a smoothie (drink it up...
  7. kathryn

    bbx hardcore system

    THe workouts are all VERY similar, with pretty much the same moves.
  8. kathryn

    Did I reach left or right

    But apple + candy = carmel apple!
  9. kathryn

    A good substitute for running

    speed walking/racewalking if you want an outdoor workout. Depending on the type of run that is planned, either a steady-state cardio or interval cardio workout if you are inside.
  10. kathryn

    Is there a exercise you just don't do?

    Rather than not do an exercise, I usually will substitute something else. For example, I don't do upright rows with a barbell (they put the shoulder in a position that encourages impingement), but do a modified version using dumbells and a wider/lower ROM, or overhead presses with hands in a...
  11. kathryn

    Cooper Institute?

    I've heard of the Cooper Institute, but not lately. It was founded by the guy who is considered the father of aerobic exercise (IIRC, he died of a hear attack while jogging?). I don't recall seeing any instructors claiming to have certiication through them. More ACE, AFAA, NASM...
  12. kathryn

    Workout DVD regrets

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of workout purchases I've regretted (on the flip side, I luckily am in contact with a reseller who gives me a fair price for them, so I'm not in as bad a situation as I could be). Some of my bigger regrets (cost-wise): Reinhart Kettlebells (I've decided I'm...
  13. kathryn

    Workouts you just CAN'T get into

    What is CrossFit?
  14. kathryn

    Top 5 Hated Exercise Moves!

    1) Tuck jumps (I don't do them 'as-is') 2) ricochets (ditto) 3) double ricochets (hate them even more, and modify them) 4) excessive burpees (some are okay, but I prefer mountain climbers)
  15. kathryn


    Making it involves having a "SCOBY" (shorthand for 'symbiotic combination of bacteria and yeast". It is the culture that kombucha comes from, and looks kind of like the body of a jellyfish. It's sometimes refered to as a 'muchroom,' but it's not). You can buy them, or get them from someone who...
  16. kathryn

    Witch killings

    Animals wouldn't behave in such a barbaric way.
  17. kathryn

    Workouts you just CAN'T get into

    I have to add 'any machine-based cardio' (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) to my list. I can stand maybe 5 minutes at a time, when I'm staying in a hotel with a fitness room, but it gets too boring for me way to fast. Now, I can walk for HOURS outdoors without feeling the same way.
  18. kathryn

    Core sliders

    I like that they combine gliding/sliding discs and push-up handlebars (which would making using the discs easier on the wrists).
  19. kathryn

    Workouts you just CAN'T get into

    I'd have to say Pilates as well. And most yoga. "Dancy" cardio.