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  1. mackenzie

    What Cathe Workouts Can I Do After Hip Replacement??

    I survived my surgery and the recovery process is going great!! I've been able to do some upper body workouts with lighter weights. I am hoping to get the ok to spin at my 6 week appointment. I asked the doctor about step workouts and he prefers I don't do them because of the repetition. But...
  2. mackenzie

    What Cathe Workouts Can I Do After Hip Replacement??

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ENCOURAGING RESPONSES! Werkout kween - I to have decided to do the full STS rotation before my surgery so I can be in tip top shape when it's time for the recovery phase. Of course I am modifying the lower body workouts. I just can't do some of the lower body...
  3. mackenzie

    What Cathe Workouts Can I Do After Hip Replacement??

    I just found out I need a hip replacement. I am trying to get a handle on what type of workouts I can do after the recovery time. (I know, I will be asking the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday as well.....) I know I won't be able to do any of the Hiit workouts, Imax workouts, Cross Fire, To the...
  4. mackenzie

    Love Cathe Live

    I love Cathe Live!! Unfortunately, my workout room is located in the 3rd bay of our garage on the opposite side of my property. I have tried using an extender to get wifi in my garage. It's hit or miss. It works 1 out of every 4 times I try it. So, I just called my cable company and they...
  5. mackenzie

    Cathe Live Class May 29th

    Can't wait! Having so much fun with this!
  6. mackenzie

    Video Clip on Cathe Live Step Hiit

    Thanks! That would be very helpful!
  7. mackenzie

    Video Clip on Cathe Live Step Hiit

    I love this concept! Unfortunately, my wireless connection does not reach my workout room. My workout room is in another building on our property. So I am looking to get a wireless extender. Can anyone give me some ideas on what kind of an extender I should get? The basic extenders at Best...
  8. mackenzie

    Video Clip of May 8th's Cathe Live Boot Camp Class

    Wow. This is great. So if I do a workout on Monday morning and absolutely love it, I can do it again and again? Also, if I do not workout during the "live" sessions, I can still have access to them anytime? I was concerned if there is a live class at 9:15 a.m., I have to be ready to go at...
  9. mackenzie

    Another "Name that XTRain song"

    Thank you!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!
  10. mackenzie

    Another "Name that XTRain song"

  11. mackenzie

    Another "Name that XTRain song"

    Jesse - Could you possibly name as many songs on the latest series? Preferably the songs on Party Rockin Step #1 and #2 and Petal Power.
  12. mackenzie

    Hip-hop repeater!!!

    I could do the combo with the hip hop repeater all day long!!!!
  13. mackenzie

    name that song please

    Anyone know the name of the song in combo 3 of Party Rockin Step #1???
  14. mackenzie

    I fell during CrossFire today!

    Glad you didn't get hurt! I fell over my step a few weeks ago. I can't remember which workout I was doing, but I tripped over my step and landed on my butt! I was daydreaming! Gotta stay focused!!!
  15. mackenzie

    Party Rockin Step 2

    I love both PRS1 & 2. They are so much fun!!!
  16. mackenzie

    Oh Cathe!

    Do you lay awake at night and think of ways to torture us? If so, keep up the good work!!! New workouts are AWESOME! Love every one of them.
  17. mackenzie

    Great Glutes Review

    OUCH! But loved every minute of it. This workout gets it done!!!
  18. mackenzie

    Pedal Power Review

    I LOVE Petal Power! This is my favorite of this series so far!! But just for the record, I'm loving all of the workouts!!