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  1. luckyruns

    ~`~`~`clean eaters - tuesday ~`~`~`

    Good morning Clean girls :) I'm still around--- things settling a bit here. I do miss my dog allot. Funny how you get so use to *things* and then when they are gone -- you miss it so. He was loved and gave us much love.....:):):) I've been right on track with running---good thing cause...
  2. luckyruns


    Good morning Chatty Clean girls :) :) :) I'm in a fog this morning. We have decided that we will put the dog down on Monday a.m. Oldest DD is coming home this weekend and DH and DS have next week off. So it works :( He couldn't make it up any stairs--whether it was one step or a flight. DS...
  3. luckyruns


    Morning Angie-- or is it afternoon there? How lucky for you! A trip to Barcelona. That's something we can only dream of. I'm not a fan of step workouts. I own two left feet--and yet I can run for miles-- funny huh? Maybe I just *think* I don't like them. Morris: What a mom can do with 15mins...
  4. luckyruns

    ******<Clean & Tidy Hump Day>******

    Good Morning girls :) :) :) :) Lisa: Morning or goodnight to you :) Where do you live again? I'm sorry I don't remember if you told me already. Great job on hill runs. I have several courses(paths) I run in my town. One has a series of hills---some short and some steep. I call it my butt...
  5. luckyruns

    ct tuesday

    Afternoon girls :) Happy to report I was able to get my run in before the rain. Now it's just cold out WTH --we have had a crazy summer :confused: I was able to get Muscle Max abs in and GS shoulders. Eats are clean--so far :p I'm getting readyto fix a big a$$ salad for lunch. Anne: Your...
  6. luckyruns

    ct tuesday

    Morning girls :) I made a few attempts to check back in yesterday--- but seems laundry/cleaning and weeding were screaming for my attention. I did a 5.5 mile run in the a.m. Worked my bis as well. Then after dinner DH and I went for a 3 mile walk. I know I was literally sleep walking all...
  7. luckyruns


    Nice to meet you Morris and Katie. Morris: I am in New York---- the very top :) Not far from Canada. Our weather has now turned cooler. WT heck is up with that? A Plus for the running cause I feel a long run this morning :) That's a huge move you are making. How lucky for you to be able to...
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    Morning Girls. ! Nothing like joining your checkin and then going MIA. NY finally had 2 nice days . We actually saw the sun. So I spent allot of time doing outdoor things. DH was on vacation as well. He is back to work this week ---plans to have the following week off. So my posts may be hit...
  9. luckyruns

    \\\\\ ---- 07/09/09 ---- /////

    Hi Girls! Please allow me to introduce myself--- hmmm sounds like a Stones song, huh? :) Is it ok if I join your checkin? I talked briefly to Klaudia on FB. She welcomed me with open arms :) I don't know how much posting I can do right now. Our summer is busy. But I'll try my best-- I...
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    Becca: You have been quiet. Wait I think both have been :) Just touching base hon-- how are...

    Becca: You have been quiet. Wait I think both have been :) Just touching base hon-- how are things? Kath
  11. luckyruns

    More on the soccer coach

    I missed your orginal post on stretching. But wanted to share with you what my daughter's team does post game. This is her first year playing on a college soccer team. After every away game the coach takes the girls to mid field and they's not a simple 5 minute stretch either. You...
  12. luckyruns

    My Favorites - Can't find them

    Meals I can't seem to find my meal plans entered from the day before. I wanted to go back and add a food item I had and didn't have a chance to enter it last night. Anyone else having an issue with this?
  13. luckyruns

    Cathe VS. Personal trainer

    Road2ANewMe: I have to agree with Beavs and SirenSongWoman. I don't think you will know until you try her. Another thing to think about is getting yourself out of the house for some *ME* time. If your DH is going to be willing to watch the kids while you take care of you-- I say GO FOR IT :)...
  14. luckyruns

    For the runners out there

    Upperwests: Looks like you have some great advice so far. There is a cheetah checkin here on the forums. The girls there are great about sharing opinions/thoughts and advice. Don't be shy asking them anything. They helped me allot. And girl you don't look 51 ;)
  15. luckyruns

    Alywn,TT,Kettlebellers,P90X..etc. Sun

    LORI LORI !!!!! Congrats Girl on a fantastic run. See told ya you would be hooked :) :) was it your new running sweater that made ya so speedy ? :) Seriously girl--CONGRATS!
  16. luckyruns

    I am in desperate need of help/advice

    Mommymaria you've come to the right spot You will find great support here. IMO: Start out small(so you won't become overwhelmed) Take it one day at a time. Most importantly*****Make time for YOU**** I had my three kids(DD23,DS19,DD18) all at a young age(19). I thought I'd never be...
  17. luckyruns

    preworkout meal?

    I think you have to do what works for you. My DH can easily run on an empty stomach. I find what works for me is a banana and yogurt. My youngest DD has started running again in the a.m. to train for her college soccer team. She struggled a few days, trying to find what food would AGREE with...
  18. luckyruns

    Anyone hungry at bedtime??

    I have a shake like Beavs does prior to bed. Sometime around 8pm. Seems to work for me . HTH :)
  19. luckyruns

    Flat butt

    SQUATS SQUATS and did I mention SQUATS :) Seems to work for me. Pinkpuffer: try Butts and Guts--it will get ya--and get ya good. :) As Cathe says :)
  20. luckyruns

    Propel water w/caffeine

    I didn't know they made one with caffeine. I really like there regular line of fitness water with lemon. I guzzle that baby down right after a long run ;)