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  1. Fitness-Mom

    Body for Life -

    Hi Everyone ~ Anyone up for a Body for Life check in' again? I am pulling out the book this weekend, and hopefully finishing my 1st challenge ... HA, I must of tried 3 times, 4th is a charm.. ?? LOL Take Care ~ :)
  2. Fitness-Mom

    Happy Birthday to Jen (Fitness-Mom)

    Thank you Christine!!! :) Have a Great One Yourself. Eat Cake / Drink Wine !!!!
  3. Fitness-Mom

    Jari Love rotation

    Found this @ Video Fitness; JARI LOVE ROTATIONS!!!! Week 1: Day 1: GR1000 Day 2: 60 min. cardio Day 3: GR&C Day 4: 60 min. cardio Day 5: GR&C Day 6: 60 min. cardio Day 7: Rest or active rest Week 2: Day 1: GR1000 Day 2: GR&C Day 3: 60 min. cardio Day 4: GR1000...
  4. Fitness-Mom

    Does anyone experience Vertigo?

    Does anyone here experience Vertigo. Friday night out of the blue (around 12:30 a.m.) I all of a sudden got dizzy, unable to walk straight, fullness feeling in my right side of my head. Not knowing what it was (since I was never dizzy like this before) I had BF take me to the ER. After blood...
  5. Fitness-Mom

    Has anyone used yoga only to tone their lower body?

    I have bad knees, and don't use any weights for my lower body...if I do it's very light (5-8 pounders). Bar Method/Callantics have done wonders for my lower body! "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~ ="
  6. Fitness-Mom

    what do you do when DH constantly wants

    I just wanted to chime in and say I know exactly what you are going through. I talked, talked, and talked to my BF, and he just doesn't get it. I told him the same exact thing, there is NO love and affection any more. He tells me, "You know it's different, when we are away, the kids are...
  7. Fitness-Mom

    Anyone watch P.S. I LOVE YOU

    I watched this over the weekend, I LOOOOVED it... Talk about having the tissues ready, I can see this one becoming one of my favorites. I also saw "27 Dresses" last weekend, that was cute as well. "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~...
  8. Fitness-Mom

    Barry's Bootcamp Opinions

    I am currently doing a BBC Rotation, but only using the UB DVD's. I do Bar Method/Ballet workout for my lower body (boy what a difference this has made). For Cardio, 2-3 days a week, it's between Kickboxing/Power Walking. I find that the BBC Cardio is way to hard on my knees! "Today is...
  9. Fitness-Mom

    Self Tanning Guide

    Thank you so much, Chastity! I just received my order and a little nervous about using it. I plan on following these steps!! Thanks Again :) :)
  10. Fitness-Mom

    sunless tanner rave!

    Ok, all you enablers..I busted down and bought this today. I am really nervous, as I never had good luck with other self-tanners. I didn't buy the scrub, does any scrub work, or do they rec his? Any hints for around the ankles? This is where I tend to get the streaks/spots here and there...
  11. Fitness-Mom

    When's your birthday?

    I'm August 11th as well !! :) "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~ ="
  12. Fitness-Mom

    TaeBo or Turbo Jam ??

    Thanks~ I have the Basic&Advanced Ripped Series. I am looking into purchasing the Ultimates now. "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~ ="
  13. Fitness-Mom

    TaeBo or Turbo Jam ??

    I think this might be different ~ I saw something on "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~...
  14. Fitness-Mom

    TaeBo or Turbo Jam ??

    Thanks~ I'm near to selling my Turbo Jam's as well! Did you find that Turbo Jam was hard on the knees, or she just doesn't use correct form? Any other Billy Blank's DVD's you like? I am looking to purchase a few more. I did notice his Live Series is on DVD. "Today is a Gift, Have...
  15. Fitness-Mom

    TaeBo or Turbo Jam ??

    What are your thoughts? Which do you like better? I just ordered Turbo Jam, and I am still on the fence about it. Seems more dancy that what I am used to and her cuing is not all that great... (I guess Cathe has us spoiled).. :) I have the Get Ripped Basic & Advanced Series... and I love...
  16. Fitness-Mom

    New Barry's Bootcamp-

    Anyone have the New Barry's Bootcamp DVD's? What are your thoughts about them? Are they worth buying? How do they compare with the 1st series. "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~ ="
  17. Fitness-Mom

    BFL for Monday Feb-25-08

    Good Morning, Ladies ~ :) Ok, I think I'm coming back Full Force today! :) Started off my day w/ a Starbucks, Skinny Latte (of course my son forget to tell them to put the s/f syrup in it for me, but I'm surprised it's still good)... NO MORE WAWA (that place just gets me into...
  18. Fitness-Mom

    Dog Limping?

    Thanks! I did call the vet, she is not in yet, but I left a message w/ the receptionist to have her call me back. The receptionist went on to tell me, "you know, this is normal after his shots." I do know that, but I don't think he should be feeling like this. I just stopped home real...
  19. Fitness-Mom

    Dog Limping?

    Good Morning~ I had my dog (Eskimo Spitz/Sheltie Mix) to his Vet last night for his rountine visit (shots,etc.). He got his normal rabbies, lyme, & Distemper shot. He seemed fine, but when I got him home I noticed that he was limping and couldn't walk on his leg where he got the shots...
  20. Fitness-Mom

    BFL for Sun Feb-03-08

    Hi Ladies~ :) I'm here lurking, I read your posts everyday! :) I really want to get back on track .. ALL BILLS are PAID, I am soo happy, that is done and over with. Mortgage is pd in FULL, up to date on everything. Thank you to everyone for helping me through this time. We do plan on...