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  1. bleujeane

    Thanks! Yes, the little ones are identical twin boys.

    Thanks! Yes, the little ones are identical twin boys.
  2. bleujeane

    What is Boxercise?

    That would be awesome!
  3. bleujeane

    Fitness by Cathe

    I would love that too - I so enjoy my Cathe screensaver!
  4. bleujeane

    Any major differences between Gym Styles and S & H??

    I think I'm going to start a GS rotation next week or so. I have dabbled with them but never really given them a good go. Everyone seems to really love them so . . .
  5. bleujeane

    Have you seen Condoleezza Rice in Fitness Mag??

    Wow - she looks amazing! Inspiring indeed . . .
  6. bleujeane

    Kick punch and crunch....

    Ack! I've got to get 4DS soon. I love kickboxing and everyone is talking about that segment on 4DS!
  7. bleujeane

    Terminator DVD

    I do enjoy the two workouts on Terminator - I think I like the Viper one best. If you love the Intensity series then you'll love these - I think they are really great circuits.
  8. bleujeane

    Hardcore Series

    I intensely love this series - the only ones I don't have are Harcore Extreme, StretchMax and HighStep - so I might as well have bought them all at once - all of the ones that I do have I love and use them a lot - I think they are pretty indispensable.
  9. bleujeane

    How about a kickboxing circuit workout?

    A kickboxing circuit workout sounds awesome - I would love it!