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    Song information

    Hi! I saw that someone has been able to find the music for Cathe's soundtracks to previous series. Does anyone know the music she has used on LITE? In particular, the Cardio Party soundtrack which has some really nice latin sounds? I'd be so grateful
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    Workouts with no-equipment

    Thanks for your inputs Stephie! I have heard about weights you fill with water, but haven't found any yet. I will keep my eye out for them. Great workout suggestions too. I also do HiiT low impact 1 and Hiit Plyo 1. I will add yours to my collection :-)
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    Workouts with no-equipment

    Hi Cathletes, I am travelling a lot, so wanted to collect Cathe's workouts that don't need equipment (I can carry firewalker bands, tubing, discs only). Does anyone have a list of Cathe's workouts that don't need equipment. I have a couple of these, but am looking for a variety to download and...