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    Taking a break from Cathe-part 2

    I actually took a 3 month-long break from all Cathe dvds, from December through February! It was really hard, but totally worth it. I learned some really great workout tips during that time and improved my diet dramatically. I just started doing Cathe tapes again this month and it was so...
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    Cats, Diabetes and Food!

    >>Now here's a related question: Raw bones work great for >>keeping dogs' teeth clean, so can raw bones work the same >way >>for cats? Anybody try this? Will a cat gnaw/chew a bone? > >Gayle, I will give my cat a small chicken wing, wing of a >cornish hen, chicken neck etc every once in a...
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    Squat Rack for STS

    >I will use the no squat rack work out option and if I want to >increase my load beyond what I can safely lift over my head >then I will purchase a wieghted vest instead. :-) Weighted vest, great idea! I just don't have any room for a squat rack and I really need to spend more time outside!
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    Percentage of calories from fat?

    I have stayed between 10 and 20% for about 2 months now. I have dropped a lot of extra water weight and some fat. I feel much better eating this way and I have a lot more energy. I have just started P90X for the 1st time and the increased energy has helped tremendously. Plus, my recovery...
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    Does anyone else "sleep-eat?"

    RE: Does anyone else My boyfriend use to do this pretty frequently. He would wake up in the morning and their would be fruit snack and candy wrappers in the bed. It all stopped once he cut down, and eventually cut out, his consumption of soft drinks. He has no problems falling asleep now and...
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    Wii games

    Twilight Princess is awesome and so is Mario Galaxy. Wario Ware was pretty fun as well, lots of little mini games.
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    Raw for 30

    Hey guys! The 30 days are up. Overall, I did pretty well. I wasn't raw the whole time, but I learned a lot. Anyway, I am now doing 100% raw and still posting on my blog. Thanks for doing this along with me, Dee. I hope you had fun!:D
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    P90X: Weights or Bands?

    Thanks guys! I'll stick with weights for this round and maybe try bands next time. I actually already bought a pull-up bar (I opted for the door gym because it doesn't screw into the molding). I tried it out today to see if it was a piece of junk or not. Well, it works great, but I suck...
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    Why do men?

    Like he told you, he is not willing to change. If you go back to him now, you will only regret it later. And even though he may change in the future, you can't count on it and should not let your life revolve around it. Just worry about yourself for now and good luck!
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    P90X: Weights or Bands?

    Hey guys, I just got P90X in the mail!!! I can't use it until Christmas though ;( Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have used the bands instead of weights or along with weights for the workouts? If so, which bands did you get? Also, how is the body fat tester that beach body...
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    Raw for 30

    Wow, that salad sounds awesome! Thanks, Dee. Sorry I have been gone so long. Things have been crazy with work and school and now the Holiday Season. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
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    Announcing STS - Cathe's Next Filming Project!

    Wow, I really could not have asked for anything more for the upcoming dvds. I am so excited!
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    Raw for 30

    I ate more nuts on Sunday and was really sleepy again. I am guessing that my cravings are due to boredom, but that will change pretty soon (I am very busy with work for Thanksgiving). Yesterday wasn't any better. I refrained from any nuts, but I had chocolate instead!!!! Grrrr....oh well...
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    Raw for 30

    I was really busy so I had no time to post. I went out to eat with family and then saw Bee Movie. Dinner was good, new restaurant. I had a green salad and then a vegetable plate. Today was pretty busy as well. I did not have work this morning or exercise so I got to sleep in. Then, I did...
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    Raw for 30

    Dee, your post made me laugh! My boyfriend actually refers to me as two different people: Rational Swayze and Hungry Swayze. I used to ask him for bites of food that he knew I could not have. He would then say, "Hungry Swayze, What have you done with Rational Swayze?" :) Luckily, I haven't...
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    Raw for 30

    Welcome Karen! Kim: There are 3 easy rules that I follow: 1. No sugar and fat together (i.e. fruit and nuts) 2. No starch and acid (i.e. orange and banana) 3. Only one type of fat at a time The 1st rule has really made a difference for me. In the past, many of my favorites foods were...
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    Raw for 30

    Your are correct, Dee. I eat only fruit, between 5-7 servings, for the first two meals and then the last meal is another 5-7 servings of fruit along with some greens and/or veggies. I have been having some trouble incorporating greens in my diet, as I just do not like them. As far as food...
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    Raw for 30

    That time of the month and guess cramps! I usually experience very bad ones, so this is truly unexpected. It really made my day! Food Log Breakfast: 2 oranges, fuji apple, 2 bananas Lunch: 2-3 cups grapes w/ seeds (suppossed to be seedless, darn it!), cup strawberries, cup...
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    Raw for 30

    ricemilk chocolate...yum!!!! I made a mistake this evening. I tried some Pace salsa, which I haven't eaten in over a month, with some celery. I could not even taste the salsa. It was so spicy! It just burned my insides! Yuck! I wish I craved vegetables at dinner. All I want is mashed...
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    Raw for 30

    Day 4, another good one. I actually had very intense cravings, but they were for fruit! I ate a lot of oranges because they are soooo good right now! Food Log Breakfast: 1 orange, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup blackberries, 2 bananas Lunch: 2 oranges, large fuji apple, 2 bananas, honey...