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    having trouble with live

    I also have been having this problem on Cathe Live. It is really frustrating.
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    A Feel the Burn Series??

    I absolutely love the idea of this series and or something in a similar fashion and I would pre-order in a heart beat. Cathe also has an excellent Fit Tower workout on Cathe Live "Fit Tower Tone and Tighten" and that workout manages to hit all the muscle groups hard in a high rep fashion using...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Barbell Upper Body from Cathe Live is one of my all time favorite Cathe workouts. If you could include a version of this workout in ICE 2 I would totally be all in.
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    Jan 25, 2018

    I think this may be my new favorite Cathe Live workout. It hit all of the muscle groups hard and with absolutely no weights.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Shred Cardio & Push Day Workout

    I really like the look of this workout. I'm not one that is picky about music but I definitely like the music in this workout. It goes great with the moves and it's just the type of pumping music needed to really get the body moving.
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    Fit Tower/Cathe Live Rotation?

    I was just wondering if there are any plans to make a rotation incorporating Cathe Live and the new upcoming advanced Fit Tower workouts? I know the user manual is going to have several rotations most likely involving the newer current dvd releases but I was wondering if a rotation incorporating...
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    Download Strong & Sweaty User's Guide

    I ABSOLUTELY love the look of the All Strong and Sweaty rotation....lot's of opportunity to hit the muscles multiple times per week from a variety of angles to really get chiseled and defined. I'm going to start the new year off with body weight work for a month or two and then I plan on jumping...
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    Info on new workouts coming.......

    I was wondering the same thing. I plan on purchasing the new Fit Tower very soon. Even though an advanced tower workout is not included in the series, I still hope there are other tower workouts coming through the pipeline in the future.
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    Coming Soon – NEW Fit Tower™ Home Workout System.

    I have the original Turbo Tower but I will definitely be investing in the new "fit" tower since it is supposedly sturdier and more stable. The original tower is way too wobbly. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Cathe comes up with a totally unique series where the tower is used front...
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    End of STS...What Next? Body Beast?

    I just did the workouts in order. On Week 1 I just did the first week of both Mesocycles 1 and 2 based on the order of the dics and weeks 2, 3 and 4 were the same. For leg day I just did a random leg workout of my choice. My legs tend to build muscle fairly easily so I don't have to put in as...
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    End of STS...What Next? Body Beast?

    Thanks. The beauty of STS is the versatility that it allows. You can structue endless rotations around the STS workouts.
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    End of STS...What Next? Body Beast?

    I'm personally doubling up on STS. This last Month I doubled up on both Mesocycles 1 and 2 each week for the upper body. For week one starting on Sunday I did Meso 2 chest shoulders and triceps and on Monday I did Meso 2 back and biceps. Tuesdays were normally a leg day of my choice and...
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    upcoming workouts?

    Yeah I think a program that incorporates a change from total body to split/isolation movements would be a great way to cause muscle confusion and really shock the muscles. I personally haven't done the program but that is only because it's in PDF form. I've tried using the paper format in the...
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    upcoming workouts?

    Yep everyone is different and everyone has different taste. When people complain complain about the music in workout dvds and start making recommendations based on what they prefer, they may not realize that there is a segment that may not care for their particular style of music. I personally...
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    upcoming workouts?

    I never really had an issue with the music either. Music is just way too subjective to satisfy everyone's taste. I actually prefer non-descript instrumental music or music with a thumping baseline when I'm doing hiit or weight training, but it's certainly not a deal breaker. As long as the...
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    upcoming workouts?

    I would like Cathe to do another video series that involves phases that increase with varying intensity as you progress through the program. The first phase can be composed of total body workouts that involve the big compound movement like squats and overheard presses and whatnot. The next...
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    Ripped w/ HiiT... not hard enough ;(

    I totally agree. There are a lot of things you can do to increase the intensity of a workout. A couple of days I ago I did STS legs Meso 2. In another thread I was reading that some people were becoming impatient with the rest times and were jogging in place and doing pushups and what not just...
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    Ripped w/ HiiT... not hard enough ;(

    Are you truly challenging yourself and going heavy enough with a weight that is exhausting the muscles? Sometimes I find the weight Cathe uses to be too light so I have to go a little heavier to get a really effective workout. I know Cathe manged to film multiple workouts back to back while...
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    STS Squat Rack (plus a couple tangential rants)

    Yes Greg is VERY easy on the eyes and he is the perfect distraction. I thought he had great form and energy on STS Total Body. As for Al I really enjoy his enthusiasm and the fact that he takes the workouts very seriously. He's huffing and puffing away along with the rest of the crew. I know...
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    STS Squat Rack (plus a couple tangential rants)

    Maybe others might disagree but I don't think too much Greg is ever a bad thing. I will admit he didn't have the best form in X-train but I think he had the flu during the filming and he went ahead and did it anyway as a favor for Cathe.