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    STS 2.0 DVD Cover Art

    Thanks Linda! so sad tho I would have thought they would have pdfs or something that they approved and also use on their dvd shop pages.
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    STS 2.0 DVD Cover Art

    Was wondering if there might be a chance that we could get the cover art for the individual dvds as a download? I like having the back cover info for reference and the front covers are georgous!! Pretty Please and thank you for considering!! Diana
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    You Can Now Pre-Order Any Of Cathe's STS 2.0 Individual Workouts And Save!

    Man, I would love to have the whole set in individual cases instead of the travel case. Wonder if cathe would make the cover art available for us to use our own cases?
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    What size did you get? I'm a size 10 shoe, so always right at the cutoff and never know what to get!
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    15 dvds - how many workouts do you think?

    We use a password manager for this reason! Lol. Roboform is what we use
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    Any chance of including a foam rolling segment in STS 2.0?

    Me too! I want to do foam rolling and bought Cathe's last year but I don't know what to do with it! So it's still in the wrapper!
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    New equipment?

    Yes, i think they are wraps!
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    New equipment?

    Sounds great! Does anyone know what the Kickbox gloves are that the crew uses in kick max, kick punch crunch, reveal up rumble , not boxing gloves but smaller with open fingers? I thought they wore pink ones on a workout but can't remember which one. Also, any ideas for storing all the loops...
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    This pic is from Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Body Parts Back

    Wow! I haven't seen that move before! We are going to be so challenged - I love it! Also Love the leggings - purple is my favorite color! What brand? I know there some good sleuths on here
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    This Pic Is From Cathe's STS Phase 2 Upper Body #2 Workout

    I love pink camo! Are they reebok leggings? I also use dvds because of streaming issues!
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    Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series!

    So so happy the cast is familiar faces! Will miss Cede and Jai! Would be awesome if they could be in a recovery or other short workout! Can't wait to see more!
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    Workout Series for Menopause/Post Menopause (Based on Cathe's advice in her recent article)

    I feel like sts 2 is going to be close to this idea. No cardio, but I plan to use walking and maybe my elliptical machine