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    Help! Where do I find my downloads?

    Here's the link on how to download.
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    CL35 Long and Strong Legs - Incorrect Version

    This is the workout where due to an incident, Cathe does the workout by herself. The version appearing on iPad and AppleTV is 1 hour and 43 minutes long where the first half is the original live shoot. Cathe doing the workout by herself doesn't start until the 53-minute mark.
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    Is Step Boss considered Intermediate or Advanced?

    I haven't personally tried it, but wearing a weighted vest may be another option.
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    Cathe Live Download: Questions

    Here’s a video on how to download to the iPad if you have iOS 13.
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    Technical issue since updating app

    The update is available now in the App Store.
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    Here is How to Download Your Pre-Sale LITE Downloads

    Yes, that was mine as well. I cut and pasted it directly from the email.
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    Here is How to Download Your Pre-Sale LITE Downloads

    I'm sorry. I hope it's resolved quickly.
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    Here is How to Download Your Pre-Sale LITE Downloads

    I didn't have to enter my bank details. I just added the bundle I ordered to the cart then entered my code in the discount code field. That updated the balance in my cart to $0. Then, I checked out. Are you choosing the right bundle?
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    Is there a Live class today?

    No. Cathe’s on vacation.
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    Apple TV On Demand App

    Hello. Did you check the App Store for an update? I was able to update the app and did the S&S Boot Camp this morning.
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    Anyone else having problems streaming Live?

    I didn't have a problem this morning doing Lift It HiiT It using Apple TV. It may be the particular workout. I had an issue with an older workout earlier in the week, which had to be encoded again. Which workout was it?
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    Low Impact HiiT Circuit Live- 2-12-15 issue

    Thank you for checking. I tried the high quality version on the website. I just tried the low quality, and it did get past that point. So, it appears to be just the high quality version with the issue.
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    Low Impact HiiT Circuit Live- 2-12-15 issue

    Hello. The video stops playing after 4 seconds. I tried it on the Apple TV app, iPad App, and website.
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    Home page not loading correctly on iPad Pro 10.5

    Hello. I have the new iPad Pro 10.5 and noticed the home page doesn't load correctly. In landscape mode, the menus at the top are missing. There's no way to scroll to make them appear. In portrait mode, the items below the picture don't appear on the 1st screen. You have to scroll down to...
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    Fit Tower

    Hi. I live in Maryland. Like lisavh2 I also received an email from UPS saying mine will be delivered Tuesday. I ordered on 7/17, and it was shipped the night of 8/17. I hope this helps.
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    We're Done!

    Yes, mine worked as well when I added the leading zero. Thank you.
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    We're Done!

    Same here.
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    We're Done!

    Hello, I'm getting an invalid discount code message.