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    Supreme 90 day - anyone tried it?

    Angie: I've previewed a few of the dvd's and have done the two cardios. This will probably be a bit random in the observations, but I don't have time to really organize what I'm writing, so please bear with me. I'm actually doing P90X, right now. Supreme is not just like P90X. This is...
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    Glee GQ pics...

    Well, it does remind me of a story about a stripper who, on being told she was the most powerful person in a room full of men ogling her, asked "Then why am I the only one naked?"
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    these office fundraisers are killing me

    Maybe it is different here in Florida, but there is as much, if not more, fundraising going on in the public schools as in the private schools. This is on top of the public funds spent on each child, which is in excess of $20,000 per student. If I was a public school parent (we homeschool) I...
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    Anyone read the WHOLE Maximum Ride Series

    My daughter read the whole series in 2 weeks. She loved all of them except the second to the last one which she said was a bunch of lecturing on and on and on about global warming and a lot lighter on story and character. But, the last book out she said was a return to form. She's thrilled...
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    CLX and Insanity

    I'm in the 2nd month of CLX and I'm thinking about combining these two. I have to have a look at the I's (is this the official acronym?) to figure it out.
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    McDonalds is evil.....

    McDonald's has the best french fries ever fried! Yumm! And the chocolate shakes are almost as good as the fries. I get Homer Simpson drool mouth thinking about those darn things. Don't beat yourself up too much about one meal. And, actually, a cheeseburger isn't the worst thing on the...
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    Appropriate Reading Material for Teen?

    Hi, Erica If it was my child I would read the book all the way through and make a judgement based on what I know about my child. If the material is not prurient--and this may be in the eye of the beholder, or reader--and you feel your child is ready for it, than make that choice. If you...
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    Any advice for a stay-at-home mom?

    I strongly recommend volunteering. Most jobs are found by networking and it is a wonderful way to meet people. My only caution is that you should volunteer for something you really want to help out with. People will realize that a volunteer is a phony if the volunteer doesn't really care...
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    Wedding cakes too pretty to eat!

    My DD loves a show that has a wedding cake competition. We both love it and yes, there are quite a few that look to pretty to eat, but I doubt that would stop me :p
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    homeschooling question

    Virtual school? I live in Florida and my 3 children do a virtual school called Connections Academy. It is a program that was offered through the state but now is offered by my county (same program). For me, it puts together all the flexibility and parental control of homeschooling, but...