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    When Can I Resume Exercise After a C-Section?

    Hi, I would just do easy walking. At about three weeks, I felt great (and I wanted to do some light weights and some very light ab work). But my doctor put the realization in my head about how major of a surgery c-sections are. She said "your scar might only be 4 or 5 inches long but under...
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    Bumbo seat
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    Who loves their double stroller?

    I bought a sit n stand from Target to use on a trip we took in August. My DS1 will be 4 in November and my baby is 1 tomorrow (the 17th). It was absolutely awesome to use at the airport, the zoo, walking around the city, and even walking on fairly level grass field....It is narrow and folds...
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    I had both of my boys circumcised. It was a hard decision with the first, but 90% of the boys in our area are circumcised still at the hospital. Plus we have a friend who was not and was picked on greatly in school, so he actually had it done when he was 21 - yikes! It was a non-issue with my...
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    TTC...How Long Did It Take You?

    I've been lucky with the quickness...but not with them sticking which was pretty devastating. I've been pregnant 4 times (I have two babies). I got pregnant the first month each time. We did the deed pretty much every day and we never went more than one day without. It became a chore each...
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    Strengthening abs before pregnancy

    I highly recommend any ab work prior to pregnancy. I did 10 minute ab videos several times a week before pregnancy 1 but not pregnancy 2 - - there was a huge difference in my body during and after with doing the ab stuff.
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    nursing moms

    Hi, I'm nursing my second baby now (he's 5 months on the 17th). I nursed my first for 9 months. I haven't found that any particular foods bothered either one. I use splenda in moderation. I also try to limit myself to only one cafenated beverage a day - -I haven't found it affects the...
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    I am so upset

    Congratulations! I know just how you feel. I had my second son 4 months ago. My neighbor actually kept saying..."oh, thats just too bad!" when I told her he was a boy. I really hate the comment about trying for a girl next. What really ticks me off is that I want a third child...always...
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    One YEAR!! Thanks, Cathe!

    You look great! Thanks for sharing your success.
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    hopsital grade pumps?

    My son is 14.5 weeks old. I've started back to work recently...I dual pump/breastfeed in the morning, at lunch (I come home to see Sawyer) and in the evening. I have not been able to pump at work at all. With my first son it was easy, but I've been promoted since then and it seems like all I do...
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    Lose weight before/after pg??

    Well, I was 15 pounds heavier starting my second pregnancy compared to my first. I was in pretty good shape though. I could definitely tell a difference in how I felt. I gained the exact same amount of weight both pregnancies. I outgrew my maternity clothes faster the second time and I got...
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    My baby boy

    How sweet! How old is he?
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    New SIDS guidelines: co-sleeper beds

    With baby #1, we put him in the crib very early. With this baby, he goes to sleep in the crib but is moved in the early morning hours to our bed - I can get away without feeding by having the baby and paci right beside me...... We have a cosleeper that goes in the middle of the bed. It's made...
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    Jadon Adam

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    sneaking workout time

    I do short workouts (10-20 minutes). I do Cathes upper and lower body segments on one of the beg/int dvds, various 10 min ab workouts, Tamilee Webb's I want those series, and some Gilad, as well as my eliptical. I use weights even if they don't. I try to alternate a day with arms/abs and a...
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    How much does/did your newborn sleep?

    It sounds normal to me at 1 month. My little man is 9 weeks old and this past week has started being awake more and gets upset if I don't talk to him sometimes.
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    I posted below about "high risk". Miscarriage again :-(

    RE: I posted below about I hope everything works out for you. My first pregnancy was a blighted ovum. I had a D&C when I should have been 10 weeks. My 2nd pregnancy was a success. I miscarried my third pregnancy. I had seen the heart beat at 6.5 weeks, but the baby died shortly after (I...
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    Help this new Mom---please!!!

    As for the car the pacifer has helped us. I'm breastfeeding too and feel your sleep deprivation pain. My guy is 8 weeks old and is now doing a 5-6 hour stretch from start feed to start feed at night. It's been a gradual thing for us. The 1st month is the roughest. As far as formula helping...
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    Cord Blood Banking

    Hi, There was actually something on TV about it a few weeks ago. It seems most cord blood banks are linked to insurance companies. The TV show said that there is a federally funded program looking into banking of all cord blood in the future because it could be used by other people as well...
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    Diff. between C-Section and Natural delivery

    Hi, I just had my second son on 9/17 - I had a failed VBAC. My first son was breech like yours (I actually went into labor and then had the c-section). I was told I was a great candidate for a VBAC. A lot of doctors don't do them anymore because of malpractice risks. But they are fairly...