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    New Workouts Announced in Blog

    Love. love, love this idea Another vote for the workout blender . Just wanted to add the 4DS series is fantastic- I did kickboxing this morning and had such a blast:-) :-) Rachel (who now knows what she'll be asking for for Christmas!!)
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    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Brenda :-) > Rachel
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    Thoughts and Prayers

    Thoughts and prayers to all affected by this dreadful tragedy Rachel
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new menu!

    I agree with the above - this is GREAT - love the times, formats and equipment required. It makes the premixes so easy to use. Love, love, love it - thanks to you and your team for such a stellar effort :-) Rachel
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    To NANCY in Customer Service!!

    Happy Birthday Nancy:-) :) :) You've helped me on a number of occassions- I agree you are a treasure!! Cheers and many happy returns Rachel
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    These workouts are FUN!!!!

    Ditto to what Toni said- this is such exciting news :P Rachel
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    Happy Birthday, Cathe!!!!

    Happy, happy birthday - have a great one!! Rachel:-)
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    Check it out!!! Blog Update

    This looks fantastic - kind of Barrys Bootcamp meeets Cathe. I can't wait to do it :-) Rachel
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    New workout premixes

    I second the request for circuits, shorter premixes and HIIT:-) Rachel
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    Cathe, I Love the New Outfits!!!!

    I LOVE the set and outfits - looks so summery and happy. I am loving this blog!! Rachel:-)
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    Cathe, you look so pretty in your "speech" pic!

    RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your I completely agree with the above. Just gorgeous:-) Rachel
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    Suggestions for Cathe workouts for an advanced Firmie?

    I second the recommmendation for C&W/Imax 2 . Other DVDs you may like are Bootcamp/ME (also has a fantastic combo of BC and ME which is firm like in that you have hard weight training interspersed with bursts of BC cardio), High Step Challenge and High Step Training Advanced (lots of leg presses...
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    Your New Blog Picture

    Absolutely gorgeous :-) Rachel
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    Sharing My Heart and Pictures

    Heather Ditto to all of the above- you are truly beautiful on the inside and outside. I always look for your posts and updates because you are so inspiring. God Bless Rachel:-)
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    2007 Catalog Now Shipping to USA Customers

    Thank you SNM. I look forward to the catalogue with my order of Cathe gear !! :D
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    Can't wait for all of these!! :-) Rachel
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    Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog

    Thanks for the quick reply SNM! Rachel
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    Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog

    Hi SNM, just a quick question. I'm an international customer who has used the on-line shop previously. Do we receive the catalogues automatically or just if we order again, for example if we ordered clothing or new DVD's? Many thanks Rachel:-)
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    Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog

    Gorgeous catalogue - I think I'll have to order some Cathe gear !! I really love how the premix times are listed. Rachel
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    March 07' Intermediate Rotation

    Thank you Cathe, this is exactly what I need to get exercising regularly again!! :-)