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    Why no clips yet

    Bite your tongue!!!
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    Unsupportive friends/family??

    I think we need to figure out a short, but to the point, answer. Perhaps: "It's all about choices, isn't it!" Diane
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    Wow - 2 weeks and he's "met somebody"

    I think he has a need to be wanted. You don't want him so he filled the void with someone who did. I'd only be worried about it if your kids get attached to her, or he tells them she's going to be their new mommy. I seriously doubt the relationship will last, he's rebounding, plain and...
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    STS Ab Work

    I thought the 20% off coupon excluded STS - wouldn't that include the ab workout as well?
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    Cathe vs Amy Bento?

    It took me a few tries to "get" KBX. I didn't have that problem with Cathe. Now, on the occasions that I do KBX, I end the workout thinking, "Gee, that was fun. Why don't I do that more often?" I also have In the Ring. Did it in it's entirety, sort of, once. Have done the med-ball premix...
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    Anyone Watch What Not To Wear?

    I watch the show every Friday. Most of their advice is good and I see improvements in most of the makeovers. However, what these people get for $5000, due to the expense of the clothes, isn't going to give them many outfit options. When the seasons change (summer to winter, or vice-versa)...
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    It's enough to make you feel OLD!

    I just threw the AARP invitation to join away - 2 days ago. I figured they would send another "invitation" again someday. Right now, I'm not ready to flash an AARP card to get a discount. I turned 50 last September. I think once you join, you're up to be hounded by ads for the "elderly"...
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    Valentine's Day

    My BF and I are of the same mind when it comes to forced gift-giving (hate it - ugh! Who needs the pressure!). We usually cook (yes, he cooks! I'm so lucky!) a fabulous meal. Sometimes, we'll break out a special chocolate truffle or two from a local chocolatier we like. Or place a small...
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    AOS Newport versus Kettlebell Way Empire State

    Wow, I'm confused. There exists Kettlebell Way 1 and Kettlebell Way 2 (Empire State). These two are co-led by Anthony and Beth. There also exists AOS Providence and AOS Newport, which are led by Anthony only. For simplicity sake, lets state that KBW1 = Providence, but with focus on...
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    Christmas desserts?

    Tiramisu Toffee Torte - found at! It has a whipped cream frosting, so does require refridgeration. If fridge space is limited, that can be a problem. Diane
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    I gave the master trainer at my gym a KB DVD

    Sorry, I hate to nit-pik, but do you mean Keith Weber or Steve Cotter? Just wondering. They both look tough to me! Diane
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    The dreaded Company Party ~ opinions please

    I agree with the others. If that's his intended plan for the evening, he can go it alone. At least you were forwarned! Diane
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    question for you cat people

    Glad to hear they are doing fine. I think the younger they are, the less affected by it they are. Cute pictures! I took the "kids" to the vet yesterday for their check-up. Kahlua, my Siamese female, thinks she's the star of the show. Shadow, my black male, is still apprehensive, but see's...
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    Christmas Card Envy! :P

    I get two of those every year. One is from a family friend and is a funny and interesting read. The other is from an Aunt and is brag, brag, brag, about her over acheiving family. I always look at the Aunt's letter and notice when a cousin is hardly mentioned. Makes me wonder if they just...
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    question for you cat people

    The SPCA in your area will certainly have connections to low-cost spay and neuter clinics. If you don't have or can't really afford a vet, I'd call them to ask. My female was a rescue kitty. She was spayed before I got her at 9 weeks old! My male was a neighbors kitten and my vet neutered...
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    I can't go to "new posts"

    This was addressed in the support forum a few weeks ago, but SNM never responded, so I thought I'd throw out the question here. It used to be that I could come to the forums and click on the little triangle next to the subject line and it would take me to any new posts made since I was last...
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    Pumpkin Lovers (Sinful Dessert Inside)

    I think I gained two pounds just reading the recipe! I guess it could be a low-calorie recipe if you divide it between say, 50 people. I just printed it. It looks wonderful! Thanks (I think). Diane
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    45 years ago today...JFK assassinated

    Yes, I remember coming home from school (must have been pre-school or kindergarten) and Mom handing me a rosary and asking me join her on her knees to pray. I didn't understand at the time - didn't even know what a president was, but I remember that moment. Diane PS - Wow! Just got teary.
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    What's the oldest piece of clothing you own?

    When I was in high school, in 1975, I took a sewing class and made a bathrobe that I still wear to this day. I had already been sewing since I was 12, so the robe was not my first effort. Other robes have been given to me as gifts and I'll wear them for awhile, but I keep going back to my old...
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    Threads Marked As "Read"

    I never log out, and I only have the one computer, so that's not the problem here. And I've often tried the Quick Link to "Mark Forum Read". Yes, it does close all the envelopes in the left column right away. But when I return later that day, whether it be in half an hour or 8 hours later...