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    PHA 3+Ab Stacker

    Love the exercises and sequencing, but DO NOT attempt to do this fasted! :oops: Had to pause and let the dizziness fade LOL! Started the Step Rotation yesterday!
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    STEP BOSS Online User's Guide

    Oh my goodness! Can't wait to start the Step Lovers Rotation! I think I will start tomorrow! I may have to sub some lower impact routines, but we'll see how it goes! Love that it uses ALL the PHA;s, too!
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    My new favorite move is ...

    Yes, that one is very challenging to me for some reason! Love the ab stacker, thought I will have to work up to it!
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    Stacking Crunches in STEP BOSS Bonus Abs

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    Ripped with HIIT series 2

    What a GREAT idea!
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    We are a few miles from the Barker Reservoir, no flooding though...Thank Goodness! Glad to know they are at least on the road to recovery!
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    So terribly sorry to hear about your daughter's home! Glad they are safe! What area of Houston? I live in Houston, Let me know if I can help! I was very blessed to have no issues, but roads are still closed close to me. Thankful we didn't move where we were going to as that area flooded and is...
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    ? About Wrist Problems

    Are you wanting just a substitute for push-ups? Are you able to use free weights for chest work? If so, you could always sub in chest press and/or flyes when Cathe is doing pushups. HTH :)
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    rock'em sock'em ROCKS

    Today was the first time I got to do this workout with thee MM and abs... BOY this muscle meltdown is tough! :eek: Lovin' this series!
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    One more week to go of STS!

    Thanks! Hope to get the MRI results back in the next few days and find out where to go from here! Frustrating being so close and having to give up the leg workouts! :( Oh well, the elliptical works! I really like lifting heavy!
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    HI Rynn, I love Step Blast, too! So much fun! Unfortunately, Rhonda moved away so it doesn't seem like she will be back! Welcome to the forums! I don't post much, as you can tell!\, but I "lurk" a lot! Sherry
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    One more week to go of STS!

    [ Congratulations! Just started the 2nd week of Meso 3 yesterday, myself! LOVE the squat rack option, wish I could do plyo, but I have a meniscus tear and all the impact is not good for it!
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    What to do if my 1 rep max weight is too challenging?

    I don't post very much, but am working on STS for the second time though I have had it since the beginning :oops: I have used XTrain and RWH a lot! I am in the 4th week of Meso 1 and have found that for several exercises I had to drop the recommended weight, didn't drop too far off the...
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    Lower body focus exercises

    Laura, Here is a link for The Latest Rock Bottoms Rotation (or should I say rotations/?since there are a couple of them!). You can find the other in the Workout Manager or Rotations Forum. HTH :) Sherry
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    Haven't posted in awhile.... GREAT NEWS today

    Thanks so much!!!! Thank you everyone for your kind thought and prayers! We can use all of them! You are all so right and I know.... Cathletes are the BEST!!!!
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    urinary track infection

    Cranberry Juice Concentrate Lulu, I buy this concentrate from GNC and keep it in the fridge! I take a tablespoon full... kind of bitter, but it's over fast! :D That helps me... and I have had a lot of UTI's! :o:p:rolleyes: Sherry
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    Haven't posted in awhile.... GREAT NEWS today

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted in along while, but have been lurking :o! Just had to share... I'll start at the beginning... my daughter (33 yrs old) was diagnosed with breast cancer Oct 15th... she had a baby Dec 13th. Yes, she was pregnant when diagnosed (seems this is occurring with a lot of...
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    Party Rocking Step#2

    Party Rockin Step!!!! I haven't posted in a long time, but I did this PRS #2 today first time in a while and I have to say WOW! Why haven't I done this more often? I LOVE this workout! I guess because it hasn't come up in the rotations, but so glad it was on the calendar for today!:D Great...
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    ((((((((HUGS)))))))) So, so, sorry for your loss! Words cannot express the sorrow in my heart for you! May the Lord hold you and bless you! Sherry
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    Getting Our Licks In!

    Sorry Ladies... Once again I have had to not check in. Currently in OK. My father passed away on Friday. Memorial is in the morning. Family here has had a really hard time last few weeks, most have been without power for almost 2 weeks due to the ice and snow. Will catch up when I can...