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    We've Now Finished The Filming Of STS Muscle & Recovery!

    Will the STS 2.0 have an option to purchase the DVD's with the foam roller or will it be seperate?
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    Lite series/StS and STS cardio

    Cathe, Just wondering about a possible hybrid with STS, STS Cardio and the new LITE Series. I have a big event in September that I'm wanting to get ready for and was hoping that you could create a collaboration with these work out series or give me a push in the right direction in creating my...
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    New Series

    That is awesome! Thanks for letting me know :)
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    New Series

    I will be previewing my New Lite dvd's tonight and I wanted to do a hybrid with the Ice series that I have:) I'm hoping that the user guide will have a hybrid since it is considered the sister workout series. Do you have an idea as to when the user guide for the Lite Series will be available...