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    Injection into lower back help scared

    Thank you both so much you have eased my mind quite a bit. Horselady 21 do you have horses? I have 2 horses and I don't ever want to not be able to ride. I also do not want to not be able to do Cathe. Her videos have changed my life and I enjoy doing them and look forward to them. So far...
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    Injection into lower back help scared

    Hi ladies, I am 43 years old and have been doing Cathe workouts for over 10 years. I have never had any back problems but about a year ago I started having pain in my low back on the left side only. After physical therapy and taking Naproxen every day its no better. I am going to get a...
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    What state already received their DVD's

    Got mine today in Wittmann Arizona!!
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    home chemical peels

    Hi I have just started doing the peel once a week for the last 5 weeks. I have noticed some improvement but most importantly it seems everyone says I look like I have a glow. I am using exuviance peel from the Ulta. Not sure if you have an Ulta. I really like it and I also like the way it...
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    Does anyone know how to stop a Parakeet from gettin' horny?

    Hi!! I have a female lovebird that LOVES to try to mate with anything! She used to lay eggs all the time-the vet put her on Lupron shots and we took ANYTHING out of the cage that she could use to nest with. She has not laid any eggs in years. When she starts her mating behaivor I ignore it...
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    Getting out of the "lowest of low"

    I know this probably sounds strange but whenever I start feeling like that I watch a Rocky movie-dosent matter to me which one and this always make me want to work out and eat better. I also have the CD's from Rocky and are great if you want to go out for a run. Just a thought! Lisa
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    Do You Think Carrie Bradshaw Would Be Caught Dead in the Sketcher's Shape-Ups?

    The Sketchers are VERY ugly and they are VERY dangerous. You could easily twist your ankle in them. I got the Reebok Easy Tone. They are very nice looking and very comfortable. As for them toning-I personally did not see a change but like I said they are very comfortable and I am on my feet...
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    Shape Ups for under $70

    Hi, I have the Sketchers and I hate them. They are comfortable but you can easily twist your ankle in them. I bought the Reebok Easy Tone and I love them. They are extremely comfortable and feel very secure-I could not twist my ankle in them. Also I do not like the look of the Sketchers...
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    American Idol (not a spoiler!)

    Oh I want a spoiler!!!!!!!!!! I dont want to sit through 2 hours of crap!!!! Lisa
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    american idol

    Thank You!!!!!!!! Have a great night! Lisa
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    american idol

    Did anyone watch tonight on the east coast? Who are the final 2? Inquiring minds want to know!! Thanks! Lisa
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    Cardio workouts with speed drills?

    All body Attack by Sharon Twombly has fast drills in it and its a fun and really good workout. Lisa
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    Favorite aerobic shoes

    I have very high arches and I was wearing asics but I bought a pair of running shoes (brooks) from Zapos and I LOOOOOve them, my feet dont hurt anymore and they feel so good when I am doing step. Lisa
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    This was not such a great day

    Carola, I am so sorry-I must have missed this post I had no idea. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely, Lisa
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    Thankyou so much-my parents live in Sierra Vista and we were going to go to the bird rescue in Benson because my parents had heard good things about it but we ended up being pressed for time. I need to go! Thankyou again! Have a great day! Sincerely, Lisa
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    The pictures you've all been waiting for...

    They both look beautiful-I love the Merlot! Very nice looking. Lisa
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    I just wanted to say I love your avitar-are they lovebirds? I also see you live in Arizona-so do I. I have 2 lovebirds which I love and I just wanted to know if you breed them? Sincerely, Lisa
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    Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Done!

    Suz, It looks beautiful!! Can I ask how much it cost? I have been getting mine straightened with a relaxer at he salon. It lasts about 4 months before I have to get it done again but my hair is damaged from it. I really like how straight it is! Someone else asked if you wash it you can...
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    What Animal Would You Want?

    I would love a penguin! Lisa
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    CSI Fans? Anybody out there?

    I cant wait either!! From the scenes I think it looks like Sara will kill herself-it looks like she is the one jumping off the building-so that would make sense why Grissom and Kathryn would have sex. BUT I am only guessing from what I saw. Anyway I can not wait!! Lisa