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    Equipment needed for Ripped with Hiit & where to find Cathe step

    I found my step on amazon. You can usually find additional risers there also :)
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    Excited for Daytona!!!!

    Three weeks away!! Who else is stoked about Daytona? I can't wait!!! Chicago this year was my first road trip, and I can't wait for my second!! :D
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    Wow; that looks tough. But I like a challenge! Ok; you guys have convinced me :)
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    Thanks!! I really like kettlebells and will have to try them :)
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    I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the Zuzka workouts. I was searching Amazon and came across her. The reviews sounded positive, but you never know who is leaving them :) Just curious; thanks!!!
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    Late October vacation ideas??

    If you can do early October; I would recommend the Cathe road trip to Daytona Beach!!! :D
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    Total Body Trisets compared to XTrain?

    I personally don't care to use the ball when I use heavy weights. I always subbed my step for the ball when I do Xtrain. I use the ball only for preacher curl and some shoulder work. But all of my chest flies, bench presses, etc I do on my step (with or without an incline). I also feel that...
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    Will there be a rotation to go along with the new series? And if so, do you know if it'll be six or seven days per week? Thank you and can't wait!!!
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    Back Pain

    I did Xtrain Chest, Back and Shoulders last night. It went fine I thought (I'm on my second to the last week of the 90 day rotation). I woke up with a killer pain in the middle of my back! It is still there. It hurts when I twist and look over my shoulders. I'm so close to finishing the...
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    new dvd

    Kettlebells Yes!!! I would love a kettlebell routine as well!!!!