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    brazilian butt lift

    Sigh...I really want this, but I've got soooo many workouts now and not enough time to do 'em! lol It just never ends....
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    Any Dexter fans out there?

    We love "Dexter" too! Shocking ending! But I think it was Trinity who killed her...remember when Dexter had him on the table, he (Trinity) said "It's already over" and something about Dexter "accepting God's will" or something to that effect. Trinity actually won even though Dexter killed...
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    De-hoarding fitness DVDs - resolution

    Oh my gosh, Vee, your post resonates with me in a big way! I'm like you...don't overspend on too many things (well, maybe a few other things) except for my fitness stuff (especially DVDs). I'm also feeling like I need to prune my collection down (though I manage to keep buying new ones)! I...
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    It's enough to make you feel OLD!

    Kathryn, I'm right there with ya! I'll be 52 in March...I also joined AARP for the discounts (though it felt somewhat freaky actually receiving the invitation to join). The nursing home insurance thing is a pretty good idea, dad's in a nursing home and it is extremely expensive...I...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAR (Toastythemosty)

    Happy Birthday, Char and JeanneMarie! :) Hope both of you have a wonderful day and get to do something fun! :)
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    Rumble--my review

    I love it too! Haven't done the bag section yet, just the cardio portion and stretch, but I also used 1-lb gloves and felt I got a great workout. The stretch was unique...I really liked it! :)
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    Medical Transcription

    I've been an MT for about 12 years and worked most of that time at home. I work at a hospital now as an MT. I had the chance to work from home but chose to work there because I missed the social my son is 18 now. There are a lot of advantages to working at home and I loved those...
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    Dove's Workouts?

    You're welcome, Leanne! :) They really are very good. :)
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    waistline during/after menopause - is it possible to have one?

    RE: waistline during/after menopause - is it possible t... Okay LaughingWater, you are officially my friend for life! Thank made my day! :)
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    waistline during/after menopause - is it possible to have one?

    RE: waistline during/after menopause - is it possible t... I'm 51 now, still having periods, but very close to menopause, I believe...I've noticed that I have to pay strict attention to what I eat nowadays, much more so than in the past, and that when I do gain it goes to a little "spare tire"...
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    Dove's Workouts?

    I have 2 of them, have done them both and love them! I've got the other two on order now. I'd definitely put them in the circuit category also, but I love the way she incorporates yoga-like moves in with the cardio and low-weight, high-rep training. DVD #4, in particular, gives me an...
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    Happy Birthday Vrinda!!! (Vee)

    Happy Birthday, Vrinda! Hope it's been a wonderful day for you! :)
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    Has anybody done this?...

    Allison...I have Fluidity (big thanks again to trunyon!) but you don't need a barre to do this workout...a chair would work fine.
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    Has anybody done this?...

    I ordered this one and have done it once so far. It gave me DOMS in my lower body, all over, for about 4 days! I'll be doing it again, that's for sure! :)
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!!! (Buffettgirl)

    Happy Belated Birthday, Robin...hope it was wonderful! :)
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLIE (crazystepr)

    Happy Birthday, Allison! Hope it's a fantastic day for you! :)
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    Typing vs. writing

    Kathryn, I was just thinking about this the other day as well! I'm a medical transcriptionist and type 8+hours a day. My handwriting used to be halfway decent, but now it's atrocious! It doesn't feel as if it comes naturally to me anymore...whereas typing does! lol I'm actually embarrassed...
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    trunyon :)

    I don't want to embarrass her...but I just had to post about what an incredibly generous person Tina is...she gave me her Fluidity Bar, along with the DVDs that went along with it (not to mention some Winsor tapes as well). I'm just blown away by it all...she even went to all the trouble to box...
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    Not bad for a former drunk,,,

    Congrats to you, Jerry! :) You deserve to be extremely proud of yourself! :)
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    Happy Birthday, Cathy!!!! (RunninTeach)

    RE: Happy Belated Birthday, Cathy!!!! Happy Belated Birthday...hope it was fantastic! :)