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  1. morningstar

    How I spent my 41st birthday

    I really wanted a challenge to start the year off with a bang, so I ran a half marathon today. It wasn't in a race, but I ran 21.2K. The first 16K were steady state, and the last 5K was fairly full out shorter sprints with walk breaks. I did what I set out to do, and that was important to me...
  2. morningstar

    Fructose is POISON!!!

    You can't change thread titles, but I agree and wish you could. The title is bullshit, even though well-intentioned.
  3. morningstar

    Valor BD-3 Squat stands

    WTF is up with their assembly instructions? There is only a diagram and it bears no resemblance to the actual parts. I put it together from my own brain, but it took two hours and the necessity of completely ignoring the instructions.
  4. morningstar

    The Great Body Fat Debate

    Those look terrifying to me. Maybe it's just my tendency to hurt my ankles, but those strike me as an accident waiting to happen. I feel the same way about trampolines. How do you stop yourself from biting it regularly?
  5. morningstar


    I'm going to stand by my original statement- it just doesn't make any sense that water, a liquid with no nutrients or calories, apparently makes people feel satiated, while other liquids with actual nutrients and calories do not - even though they also take up room in the stomach.
  6. morningstar


    I just had this thought about contradictory fitness information out there. You know how everyone says that you should drink water while trying to lose weight in order to feel more full, and thus, not eat as much? Well, they also say that liquid calories aren't registered by the body as...
  7. morningstar

    Bad reaction to cleanse? (food poisoning-like symptoms)

    If you are looking for a cleanse, you really have to read this first:
  8. morningstar

    Low calorie detox diets

    If you are looking for a cleanse, you really have to read this first:
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    If you are looking for a cleanse, you really have to read this first:
  10. morningstar

    Been drinking a LOT more water...BUT...

    Lemonade colour might actually be too dark, depending on the number of lemons!
  11. morningstar

    Been drinking a LOT more water...BUT...

    From what I remember, Tosca's not a supplements person, in general, other than whey protein, which really isn't a supplement.
  12. morningstar

    Been drinking a LOT more water...BUT...

    Just watch your pee- it should be pale yellow. If it's clear, you're drinking too much water. Other substances can cause you to need to pee more, such as caffeine. The main benefit to drinking lots of water is just to keep your hands busy- you're more likely to reach for the water if it's...
  13. morningstar

    My grand experiment - comments welcome!

    I did 500 freakin' push ups today And yep, they were all with good form and off my toes. Shortly after my posting this thread, I decided to change things up on the push up challenge part of my daily workout. I had got up to 71 push ups per session. Well, I was getting a little bored with...
  14. morningstar

    I've discovered THE COOLEST SERVICE EVER!

    Can you imagine $10 better spent?
  15. morningstar

    I've discovered THE COOLEST SERVICE EVER!

    I take it once step further and actually have my groceries delivered after ordering online!
  16. morningstar

    Breast augmentation

    Not if you go with an excellent brand.
  17. morningstar

    Breast augmentation

    Not in European sizing. If you go with great bras from Europe, the cup size is not related to the band width. I recommend Freya.
  18. morningstar

    Breast augmentation

    As I've stated before on this forum, I am against cosmetic surgery in almost all cases. Just my opinion and I will stay out of the discussion. But I had to call you out on this- I used to wear a JJ44 bra size. Now I wear an H32. At no time have I been considered to be abnormal, or nothing...
  19. morningstar

    Am I the only one who thinks Vladimir Putin

    Lauramax, believe it or not, everytime I hear the name Vladimir Putin, I think of this thread. So I thought you would appreciate this article:
  20. morningstar

    Vegan/vegetarian kids?

    I would have thought it was obvious, Kathryn. I brought it up because the original poster asked for information about raising healthy vegan children. I actually expected you to respond just as you did, within the time frame you did. I appreciate your consistency and predictability!