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    Requesting the first week of workout schedule for 1 month and 3 month rotation

    I found this thread, Cathe gives a response with the phases.
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    Calling moms of teen girls... Xmas help!

    Sorry for the late post. Urban outfitters has really stuff, and not just clothing . Some of the prices are high. They have really cute bedding, pillows, accessories.
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    Best Flooring

    I realize this is an older post. I usually unroll a carpet to use the discs. Today, I just didn't want to deal with it, so I had the idea to use a curtain I have. The front is a little texture so it stayed in place and the back is a smooth liner. The discs worked perfectly. Easy to put up and do...
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    York 2 Sided Vertical Rack

    Got the rack, the cast iron dumbbells fit on this rack.
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    York 2 Sided Vertical Rack

    Hi, Does anyone have the dumbbell rack that Cathe uses from York Barbell. I only have the cast iron hex dumbbells and wondered if they would fit. I called the company and was told they should fit, but would rather hear it from someone who actually uses the cast iron hex. Thanks, Missy
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    Admin: Confirmation email with pre-order of new DVD's?

    This happened to me awhile ago. I had to contact my email provider. They somehow think the mail from cathe was spam and never even let it get to my spam folder. It took a couple days for them to fix it.
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    What does everyone think of the music for S&S series?

    The only workout I have done so far is Ramped Up Upper Body, I thought her voice was muffled too.
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    Cathe Newsletter

    I had to call comcast. They said there was nothing they could do because the newsletter uses some sort of mailforwarding system that looks like spam to their system. Then about two days later, the newsletter showed up in my inbox.
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    Music used in Xtrain?

    You are welcome. I haven't done this workout in so long, but it sure is fun. I would sing Cathe's lyrics and my kids would laugh because they thought I didn't know what I was singing. To this day, when I hear the music in the store, I feel myself wanting to do hard strikes.:)
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    Who has already preordered fit tower?

    Mine has been pending for days. I second what Robin says, this is normal. I called the company and they said the charge will go away and be actually charged when the unit ships.
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    Fit tower original exercise tip

    Thanks! I will give it a try, hopefully it will go well.
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    Fit tower original exercise tip

    Oh geeze, I hadn't even thought about getting down, :)
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    Fit tower original exercise tip

    At the risk of sounding stupid, and because I am clumsy, how do you get yourself on the bar?
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    Weightlifting gloves

    Nancy, I recently started using these: I wouldn't say there is a lot of extra padding, but the fingers definitely go over the knuckle which I love. I like the wrist strap. The company seems to have great...
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    For Cathe Live - Body Weight + HIIT Workout

    Bumping your post. It would be great to have this type of workout, especially when traveling.
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    Coming Soon – NEW Fit Tower™ Home Workout System.

    Newsletter just came out, here is the blurb about the tower cost: We had initially planned to start the pre-sale on 7-1-16 anticipating that the units would have been manufactured, passed quality control and shipped. This is taking a little longer than projected, which is typical for a new...
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    Anyone else having an error today

    I just tried on my ipad and it played fine. However, sometimes on my ipad or iphone, I have to play through the chrome app because it will not work on the safari browser.
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    just started ripped with hiit.. dont think i can hang

    Do you already own xtrain? I would start with that. If not, I would just do rwh for as long as you can each day. When I am making a comeback from not working out for months, I just pick a workout and stick it out as long as I can, so I may only make it 10 min. into a cardio routine. Then guess...
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    March 17, 2016

    Oh geeze, I give you credit, I wouldn't have even tried it.