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    The correct recipe in this weeks newsletter for Healthy Potato Skins....

    Hi, I'm honored to have my Healthy Potato Skins recipe featured in this weeks newsletter, however I noticed the ingredient list was not the one I submitted. So I'm posting the actual recipe and ingredient list here! Hope that helps some of the confusion!!! Enjoy! Healthy Potato "Pig"skins...
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    SNM - Recipe ingredient list incorrect in newsletter

    Hi, I am honored to have my Healthy Potato Skins recipe chosen for this weeks recipe of the week, however, when I click on the link below, the recipe ingredient list is not the one I submitted. Please let me know if you need me to resend or I left a link in the comment section below the recipe...
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    Cathe whats on your playlist??

    Hey cathe!!! Just bumpin this to c if u saw it yet:)
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    Fat roll on knees

    Leg extensions are a great way to develop the muscles more in this area! Barre work is also great as lifting the weight of the entire leg calls on the quads specifically to work and that's why dancers have such great legs:)! Also, research has shown that cycling is the only cardio exercise...
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    Cathe whats on your playlist??

    Hey Cathe:) I always love your energetic playlists on the RTs so I was wondering what your current one contains and what songs you are kicking punching and crunching to now? You always have such great taste in tunes!!! Miss u!
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    Tight traps. Any suggestion for stretching.

    Also you might try icing your traps after a tough workout to get out the inflammation and let them calm down before you warm them up to stretch them. And of course I can't say enough about how yoga helps tight traps! So many great poses have helped alleviate my tight traps!
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    I'm Bored With Food

    Sometimes our relationship to food can be a metaphor for our lives. Perhaps when food seems dull you may be going through a dull or meloncholy time in life? I find this true for my clients that I deal with emotional eating issues with. Maybe evaluate your day and see if you are just doing so...
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    No worries, this is the final time I'm soliciting votes! PHoto contest ends tonight at midnight! Please vote and share and help me give my friend Mandy who took this picture, a celebratory trip to celebrate the fact that she just beat ovarian cancer!!! Lumeria Maui Thank you for all your...
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    Need your support!!!!

    Today and Tomorrow! Today and tomorrow is the last day to vote. I found out my friend Mandy who took the pic and that I want to take on this trip, her birthday is tomorrow when they tally the votes! What a great birthday gift to give her with this trip!! But I need your help in order to do it...
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    Need your support!!!!

    Thanks JenniferLOVE!:)
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    Need your support!!!!

    Wow!! 615 votes! Wow, wow, wow!! I'm still in second place with 615 votes, but even if we don't win, I just want to say how awesome it is to have such an amazing support from all my Cathletes! Much love to you all and many thanks! Please keep sharing on facebook pages and in emails and twitters...
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    Need your support!!!!

    I think you can only vote once per computer and per email. AND... BY THE WAY, I AM SO GRATEFUL TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN VOTiNG AND ALL U WHO CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE WORD:):)):)
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    Need your support!!!!

    Thanks DixieDog! I appreciate you! With all the Cathlete's help I have moved to 2nd place with 340 votes, but 3rd place is gaining on me and I'm gaining on first place, so I NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE VOTE AND SPREAD THE WORD FOR ME! I SO WANT TO WIN THIS FOR MY GIRLFRIEND WHO TOOK THE...
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    Need your support!!!!

    TexasLaura!! I miss you! Thank you so much for voting! How the heck are you girlie!?
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    Need your support!!!!

    Vote here!!! Lumeria Maui
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    Need your support!!!!

    Can't thank you enough!!! I knew I could count on all my Cathlete's!!! I'm getting closer! I'm up to 245 votes, but I need 400, please help pass the word around! Thank you thank you thank you!
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    Need your support!!!!

    Thank you girls!!! I sooo appreciate it!
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    Need your support!!!!

    Could I plead and beg for all my lovely Cathlete's to "gimme some lovin" and vote for me at the link below! Lumeria Maui Just scroll to bottom and vote. I've been to Maui to train with my yoga training, but I really want to win this to take my friend Mandy WHO TOOK THIS AMAZING PICTURE...
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    If you could have anyone as your personal trainer...

    Just saw this! I am so humbled! Miller2917 Thank you so much! I will be your trainer from far away?? Check out my channel on youtube - Jodellefit :) !!! Nobody beats Cathe though!!! She would be my pick!
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    Breakfast of champions!

    Breakfast of champions before I go see the "champion" of fitness!!! Chi-town here I come!!!!