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    Can't log into workout manager

    I am having the exact same issue. I can’t log in today at all.
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    ICE rotations / Workout Manager

    When I add an ice workout to the workout manager, no icon appears, yet if I select show details, I see the workout. Why aren't the icons appearing? I have no problem with any other workout I add.
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    All set for Daytona RT--yippee!

    I'm flying into Daytona with my niece on Friday morning. Our flight arrives at 11:00 am and we are coming from Michigan. I am really looking forward to this weekend. It is my 2nd road trip. My niece has never done a Cathe workout. She is in for a treat! Looking forward to meeting all,of you!
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    Anybody else excited about the June rotation?

    Yes,I agree. I'd like to see the new rotation a couple of days in advance as well.
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    Anybody else excited about the June rotation?

    June rotation I love following the monthly rotations and probably have never been in better shape, but it seams we are always a few days shy of completing the month with workouts, or am I missing something. For example, I completed weeks 1-4 for May, but was left on my own for May 27-31.
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    Monthly rotations

    Never mind! I found March's rotation on the forum. Sorry! :(
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    Monthly rotations

    I have been doing the monthly rotations for some time, and appreciate the fact that my daily workouts are planned out for me. However, it seems we are left with a few days on our own come the first of the new month because the rotation has not been posted. I know it's a lot of work to put...
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    Premix Problem in Workout Manager

    Then how are you supposed to log it into the workout manager? If the rotation says to do a portion of a workout, then it should be broken out of the entire workout so you can add that portion only.
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    Premix Problem in Workout Manager

    The rotation for Thursday, April 5th was Hiit 40/20 and upper body weight portion of Body Max 2. However, when I try to log in the premix for the upper body portion of Body Max 2 into my workoujt manager, it is not an option! The closest thing is called Double Upper body which not the same...
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    Release Monthly Rotations Earlier, Please

    Monthly rotation I agree. Sometimes the month has started and we don't have a rotation yet.
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    Rapid Rover

    I plan on leaving from the diner on Sunday morning after brunch via Rapid Rover and would like to hook up with anyone who is also leaving from there too.
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    Flights into Philly

    I land around 10:47 a.m. I get there a little early I guess. Maybe I should hang around and wait for everyone and catch the Rover with all of you. May be cheaper the more we have on the ride.
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    Schedule of Events

    Thanks a million for the response, Debbie! I feel a little better now ;) One more thing; in the list of things to bring with us on this trip, no on mentions a small gym bag and since we are shuttling from the hotel to the Four Seasons, I assume we need something to put our change of clothes...
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    Schedule of Events

    Ok Debbie, since you have been before, how do you get cleaned up and ready for the next event with only 15 minutes to half hour of time!!! I'm freaking out!!
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    I too prefer the vegetarian side of life!! P.S. Anyone notice the schedule from last year where in one instance we only have 15 minutes to freshen up????? EEEGGAADDD, that's not enough time to shower! :)
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    Okay...who's already booked their flight?

    I booked my flight and leave Detroit Metro at about 8:45 a.m. (anyone else coming from Detroit)?? I am curious about the Rapid Rover; is it easy to find within the airport?
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    So, who's in?

    I was #65 at about a minute and a half after 2!! My first time too, coming solo from Michigan (a little nervous too), but looking forward to meeting so many women who share my love of Cathe exercise!
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    The 2010 Cathe RT Official Find-A-Roommate Thread

    I just called the Fairfield Inn (6:45 EST) and at first she said she had no rooms within the block, but as she kept talking, she found a room! It has 2 queen beds and I got it for $109! :D
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    Patent Pending Equipment

    I was wondering when your pull up/chin up bar was going to be made available for purchase. I am anxious to buy one and have it when my STS tapes arrive:rolleyes:
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    How is the music coming?

    I can hardly wait to get the new STS program. I know it will be the best program of its kind out there, and I am excited to be a part of it. I'm also anxious to buy the new pull up machine you have patented!!!!