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    Workout Manager Nutrition plan

    Did anyone ever get an answer?
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Today was my off day and I am ready for tomorrow and Sunday before we begin our February Rotation.
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    February 2022 Rotation

    Thank you Cathe! Loved the January Rotation and I already see that I am going to have lots of fun with rotation also.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Just got done with All out Low Impact. Did not want to do it and waited last minute obviously.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Good point on the balance and prevention. Charley was given to us at two years old but we would keep her since she was 7 months old. She has to be my favorite of the four we have. She is extremely needy. You have to have your hand on her or she will nudge you until you are black and blue or...
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Supercuts is really just a fun workout and gets you in and out. I always feel like I have done so much more when I am through with it.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Howdy Y’all. It has been a minute but I am still with it. I am staying true to only doing Cathe and her Jan. 2022 rotation and am on point. It has been going very well and I do love this rotation. I do tweak it a bit by modifying some of the high impact moves but otherwise, I am keeping up. So...
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Good morning. Yesterday I did All Out Low Impact HIIT and am sore this morning. I will check in later to report Burn Sets Chest, Back Shoulders. Jaypea, I find all dogs have their quirks. I have three: A lab mutt, a Great Dane and a miniature chocolate lab. The lab mutt will not go potty unless...
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Cocoloco, is that why you have this name? I will do Chest Back and Shoulders tomorrow. I am sore from the ab workout I did two days ago. I love having this accountability. I am going to start tracking my eating because it has gotten out of hand. Lol. Too much hand shoveling into my mouth. Lol
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    So I had to do two workouts today because I missed yesterday. I am back on schedule. Did Cardio Leg Blast this morning and Bi’s Tris this evening. Got to real in the eating and then I will be set. Good job Y’all.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Cocoloco, I had to bring my feet close in and wanted to one foot it at the tail end. And the hip thruster is what I did also. Hope it doesn’t bite me when I do legs tomorrow.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    I got done doing the Boss Bands Total Body workout and the 100 rep Hip Thrusters. Plus a 30 minute Xtrain Ride. My knees love the lo impact cardio and I enjoy the exhilaration I get from it. So the hardest part for me with the bands were the legs and triceps. I was chuckling because after I did...
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Sorry for your loss Michelle. You really have been dealt a handful health wise. So proud of you for finishing the workout with breaks. I had to do that also. And we still got it done. Good job to us.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    I have just completed Tabatacise and it never gets easier! I do love all the energy. Unfortunately, I have to now modify a lot of the moves but this workout still is a heart racer. Glad to check in here because I always felt out of place on the other threads since I solely do Cathe workouts and...
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    Anyone interested in a January only check-in following Cathe's posted rotation ....

    I was wondering why we never had a Just Cathe monthly rotation going in the check-ins. I have been doing her rotations now for about five or six years and never do any other programs. Thank you Debinmi for starting this. I am looking forward to doing the January rotation with y’all.
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    December 2021 Rotation

    What a fun time I had doing IMAX 4 this morning. The music got me through those Blast moves. Love that it is low impact but so high intensity. I wanted to pull off my workout bra at the tail end there so I could breathe. I have been following this months rotation and enjoy the variety. I even...
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    Update to Cathe’s Bodybuilding Rotation

    Thank you Karategirl
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    January 2021

    Is there an accountability thread on Cathe’s monthly rotations?
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    Monthly Cathe Accountability thread

    I am curious if there is a Cathe monthly accountability thread that Cathletes participate in. I have been doing Cathe’s monthly rotations for about 5 years now and am needing help sometimes with modifying some moves in her workouts. I notice that as I get older some of her earlier workouts have...