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  1. backpackingmom

    ICE - Would you recommend buying the DVD set or the downloads?

    Hi everyone - been awhile since I posted - like two years! Still doing Cathe workouts and now want the ICE workouts (sssshhhh don't tell my husband as he will say I have enough Cathe workouts) My question is, do most buy the DVD set or do most people get the downloads? I was just wondering...
  2. backpackingmom

    Another Sad Day - Update

    I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since 1994 - My hands and wrists are really bad. My family says my hands could should be hired to work in a Haunted House! lol - that being said, I have decided that staying active is key. Also, lifting weights helps build bone density. I don't lift super heavy...
  3. backpackingmom


    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and some fibro (most RA people do). I mostly follow a vegan diet. Meat and I do not digest very well and it's been this way my whole life. I eat LOTS of raw and cooked veggies and fruit, lentils, hummus, and sometimes I do eat Greek yogurt. I try to do the 80/20...
  4. backpackingmom

    Is Diet Pop REALLY that bad for you????

    I quit it 3 years ago. Yes it is very bad for you with aspartamane. But want to now why I really quit? Because I was sticking into the man!! Haha. This stuff is like crack! I'm serious I was hooked and I started to get ticked that I had to have my fix everyday! I agree with all the...
  5. backpackingmom

    for those of you who do a lot of high impact

    Well I hope you recover soon! I do step with one riser now and it really helps my knees. My two riser days are over! Lol.
  6. backpackingmom

    Does anyone wear Mizunos for step and high impact?

    I wear the ASICs gel intensity 2 and they are fantastic for step and high impact. They have great lateral support but since they have more leather than mesh I feel there is a break in period. But worth it because I need excellent cushion and support for my feet in order to complete Cathe...
  7. backpackingmom

    The ASIC's thread

    Here is the thread I started this thread and was comparing the Asics Gel Intensity to the Ryka Endures. I can update that I now feel the Asics are a lot better for high impact and HiiT workouts than the...
  8. backpackingmom

    for those of you who do a lot of high impact

    Hmmmm this makes me think if I should modify my workouts I just started xtrain and also love the To the Max workout. When you say high impact do you mean step aerobics? I am so sorry to hear of your arthritis. I know how discouraging it is dealing with unhealthy joints and the impact on...
  9. backpackingmom

    Arnica Gel vs. Tiger Balm vs. Icy Hot Patches

    I use arnica and also another ointment called Penetrex. I got both on amazon. I have rheumatoid arthritis so I use this stuff a lot! But still pop the Motrin like today after gym style legs last night. Good luck!!!
  10. backpackingmom

    Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

    Hy girls! I think I am loving the Ryka Endures a little more than my Asics Gel Intensity 2. Maybe when my Asics break in more I may change my mind. I'm grabbing another pair on amazon for $51 before they are gone. Have a great day!
  11. backpackingmom

    Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder = Awesome

    Hi girls! Just thought I would pass along a new food find that I am loving. I eat a lot of raw veggies and fruit and tons of green smoothies. I was looking for a way to add protein. However, most protein powders are filled with [email protected]!!! I have used hemp protein in the past but stumbled upon...
  12. backpackingmom

    Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

    Hi girls. Me again with another shoe update. Ok so I completed Hard Strikes and Cardio blast legs using my new Ryka Endures that I purchased for $51 off of amazon. I usually always go with zappos but they do not carry these. Pros: Good cushion. My feet did not hurt afterwards at all...
  13. backpackingmom

    Boo Hiss: sweetened milk

    WOW ok now I'm ticked off again! I'm so sick of these corporations deciding what the American people need to know. I personally quit all diet sodas and artificial sweeteners years ago. I do not drink dairy milk. I either make my own nut milk or occasionally have coconut milk. How can the FDA...
  14. backpackingmom

    Portable meal and snack ideas?

    I bring a baby organic carrots, celery and sabra hummus single serving size to Disneyland with me. I just use a small blue ice in a ziplock and it keeps things cool. Apples are great too!
  15. backpackingmom

    Tapout XT

    I just purchased RushFit like an hour ago from amazon. I did the Hard Strikes DVD today and loved it so much I started searching for other MMA/boxing workout tapes and found RushFit. I cannot wait to incorporate it with Cathe tapes! Did I say I loved Hard Strikes!!! I was sweating buckets!
  16. backpackingmom

    Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

    Hi girls! Me again. Just wanted to update you on the Asics Gel Intensity 2 shoes Pros 1. Great lateral support, especially since the sides have less mesh and more leather-type material 2. Awesome ball and heel cushion especially for all the Xtrain HiiT work 3. Sizing is good. I always wear...
  17. backpackingmom

    Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

    Hey! I get my shoes from They have a great return policy.
  18. backpackingmom

    Dehydrator, cant make good stuff

    I make tons of things in my dehydrator (especially when I was following the raw diet). Also use it a lot for backpacking foods. I dehydrate spaghetti sauce. It turns into leather and I throw it in a ziplock and it goes in our pack for a future dinner. I have also made raw corn chips (corn, red...