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  1. LauraMax

    Good Dumbbell/Workout Posters?

    These are my two favorites
  2. LauraMax

    Where to buy Rebecca Small DVDs?

    I'm a Rebecca junkie & 1) I don't know if she's come out w/anything new lately b/c they're so hard to find & 2) the Step Magician & Steppin Out Tour (2 of my favorites) were such poor quality they started freezing less than a year after I got them. Finally tossed them today. I'd love to...
  3. LauraMax

    Can anyone recommend a moisurizing lipstick?

    Thanks ladies. I'll try the lip butter for sure. No point in using expensive makeup. I read Paula Begoun--they're all pretty much the same. Now I just read ingredients instead of breaking the bank. :)
  4. LauraMax

    Can anyone recommend a moisurizing lipstick?

    I really prefer the matte look but my lips get so dry, esp this time of year, so I just use gloss. I've tried a couple of lipsticks, I think from MAC, that felt OK when I put them on but w/in 15 minutes made my lips feel like the Sahara. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a lipstick that FEELS...
  5. LauraMax

    Paul Katami's Abs Lab

    Wow! Has anyone else tried this? I was skeptical b/c I'd tried the Katmai bar w/o & was unimpressed. But this one is TOUGH! I really like it. So glad to find another w/o that gives me a burn like Cathe. :)
  6. LauraMax

    Which is tougher, B&G or L&G?

    I'm going to miss a gym w/o this week & want to make it up at home. Those are the only 2 leg DVDs I have. Help please!
  7. LauraMax

    Botox question

    I just checked WebMD. According to them, these side effects were reported THE DAY OF the treatment. So I can understand how someone who might be afraid of needles or stresses over this stuff would have these side effects, since they're the classic side effects of stress. Like I said, other...
  8. LauraMax

    Botox question

    Who said that??????? It makes no sense! Botox goes maybe one millimeter into the muscle on your face. It doesn't get into your bloodstream or system or anything like that. I've been getting it for at least a decade w/no side effects whatsoever, nor have I ever heard of anyone having those...
  9. LauraMax

    A VERY random Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb question

    I used to know a lot about them but I forget b/c I was too stoned. :D Seriously though, you should rent the movie The Wall if you really want the true flavor of Floyd.
  10. LauraMax

    Please help....skinny legs

    You could try adding sets, decreasing reps & increasing weight. For example (just pulling numbers out of my hat here), if you're doing 3 sets 10 squats at 100 lbs, try 4 sets 6 squats at 125-150 lbs. Also if you go to a gym you could try the same method w/the isolation exercises like...
  11. LauraMax

    Shopping tip for those who w/o on carpet

    I came across these while browsing Zumba's website & though I'd share.
  12. LauraMax

    When did w/o pants suddenly become so LONG?

    Well I just discovered VS sells w/o pants in 3 lengths. I bought two pair & was surprised at the quality--much better than what I was expecting. And they were about $35. AND they came in a variety of super cute styles. I hate VS shipping costs but it's worth it to have something decent...
  13. LauraMax

    Breast implants and chest work

    I would avoid pushups if I were you. When I first had the surgery I had a long discussion w/the group fitness director at my gym who'd done the same. She said all you need to do is keep the muscles strong enough to keep your girls perky. :) I just do 4 sets 12 bench press w/25 DBs & 4 sets...
  14. LauraMax

    Heavy bag

    I tried the standing bag first, I HATED it. It moved every time I hit it. I'd start my w/o on one side of the room & by the time I was done I'd end up on the other side. So I decided to go for the hanging bag. I got it from Dick's for $60--it's 70 lbs & has "MMA" on the side of it. The...
  15. LauraMax

    Need Advice - Office Xmas Luncheon

    Just don't go. If they're all tanked, they probably won't even notice. ;) I stopped going to office parties years ago. I figure I spend enough time w/these people already, I don't want to spend my precious free time w/them too.
  16. LauraMax


    Hi Deb, Deb & Jen! :p I'm doing much better now, thanks. I was w/o power for 9 days & it was pretty brutal. Cold. Had to buy a kerosene heater so once I get through the mountain of laundry from having to wear 4 layers of clothes each day, I have to get all that icky soot out of my house...
  17. LauraMax

    Let's talk about women health, COREGASm have you heard of this

    I have a good friend who swears she has multiple orgasms on the treadmill. Oddly, she uses it as an excuse to NOT get on the treadmill. Me? You'd never get me off the damn thing! Or is it I'd always be getting off on the damn thing? Eh, you know what I mean. ;)
  18. LauraMax

    TapOut XT

    Hm, I've been looking at this's yet another one of those things where you can't buy individual DVDs. Really I'm interested in their cardio & core w/os--I wanted cross core combat, competition core, ultimate abs xt, cardio xt, sprawl & brawl & muay thai. Any reviews on...
  19. LauraMax


    You're welcome. Always happy to share the pleasure of a good cleanse LOL.
  20. LauraMax

    I forgot how to date!

    Listening is def. the best way to go. That way you can feel him out & see how he responds to you. And how interested he is in YOU. I could tell you some last first date I kept asking this guy Qs about his life, & kept waiting for him to say "what about you?" And kept...