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    It's buckeyes baby!

    Lorrie CAn you share your recipe :)
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    Jay Leno - I'm glad I live in America - This is long -

    RE: Jay Leno - I'm glad I live in America - This is lon... Hi Bill, That is such a good picture of you and Diane Sue :) You can really see that for trolls you are in great shape... You never fail to crack me up! Have a nice day Bill. Terri
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    Tracey's New Workouts - Sweatfest

    I did the kickbocing worlout yesterday. I really enjoyed it. As a advaced exerciser i got a good workout. Not a "I am going to die" workout or a "This is too easy" workout. I also felt it was a good all over tonong workout. You really work the arms, legs and core throughout the workout...
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    <---doesn't post in here much <---Is posting to congratulate Maeghan <---Tells Maeghan she should be very proud! Terri
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    Happy or upset?

    Hi Bill, Yes when I spoke with Diane Sue via email yesterday she was very confused on how she should feel. I wish you both the best and that the outcome is what you REALLY want. Terri
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    Happy Birthday Marietta

    I will post another thread on April 1st but meantime Happy Birthday early :) You rock Marietta! Terri
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    To Diane Sue

    Hi Lisa :)
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    To Diane Sue

    Dang! Does Bill have a brother??? I wondered that same thing Marietta :) Happy 34th you two!!!!! Terri
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    To Diane Sue

    Dang! Does Bill have a brother??? I wondered that same thing Marietta :) Happy 34th you two!!!!! Terri
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    Favorite Movie Star

    I like Johhny Depp as well. I have seen almost every moovie he has ever done. I also like Denzel Washington. For women I like Nicole Kidman and also Meryl . Side note to Donna- Good to see you hear again! Terri
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    P90X January Starters, Wednesday!!!

    hey Wendy, Hope you don't mind me popping in here to say I hope you will share your pitures when you are done. It is amazing to remember back when you were pregnant with Joey! He sure has grown and what a cutie. I also read you are going for yout PT certificate. Good for you! You have...
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    Maria777~Happy Birthday!

    Have a wonderful Birthday :) Terri
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    Happy (slightly belated) Birthday KATHRYN!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday :) Terri
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    Limecat's Tuesday Poser

    HMMM I will have to thinko on this for a few. Shelley while I do tell us who the one person is for you. Terri
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    Jari Love on Channel 11 news this morning!!!!

    What did she have to say Wendy? I like her workouts and wish I could have seen it. :) Terri
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    Sooo anyone in the DEEP freeze yet?

    Denver. Colrado here with a -9 this morning. This has been the worst winter here that I can remember. Time for me to pack up for a warmer climate. :) Terri
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    Congratulations! because of you I am hooked on TJ's. Terri
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    Some more sad news

    Laura, My heart goes out to you. I went through this in June with my 16 year old sheltie. I am so sorry for your loss and your pain. It never really goes away but it does get easier. If you need anything feel free to email me. Hugs, Terri
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    It's snowing in NJ! :)

    You all should be in Denver right now. It has done nothing but storm big everyweek since before Christmas. I am sick of it! Were expecting another one here tomorrow night too. Terri
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    Updated picture trail....

    What a cutie! Terri