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    Weighted Glove Recs Welcome

    I got these: Valeo Women's Weighted Power Gloves (Gray, one Size) : : Sports & Outdoors at Dunham's. I like that they don't move around while I'm kickboxing, and they're comfortable and relatively easy to remove from sweaty hands after a workout :) They are much, much more...
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    Hard Strikes...

    I love the music and the energy, but I don't love all the jumping jacks. I substitute kicks--front, side, roundhouse, and back--for all those jacks. Makes it much more joint friendly, and a lot more fun for me :)
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    Peanut butter?

    I use my Vitamix and make my own peanut butter. Just dump a bunch of peanuts in and blend for a minute--soooo good, especially when it's just made and still warm :) Haven't bought peanut butter in two years!
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    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    This, plus KickMax Leg Conditioning Drills. I'd also like STS abs plus all newer ab work combined on one disc...
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    Morton's Neuroma shoes

    I have Morton's Neuroma in my left foot, too. I have had great success wearing Keens and Danskos for everyday shoes. Workout shoes--right now I'm wearing Ryka, but New Balance have been okay at times, too. Good luck. Zappos is great for trying on lots of different sizes and styles. Free...
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    Any ladies in DayCare? I need help!!!

    Can the hours be volunteer or observation hours?
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    Christy Taylor

    I love Christi Taylor's stuff. Of the Cathe workouts you mentioned you like, I also like Rhythmic Step and Step Blast. But I don't like either of those nearly as much as I like Christi's step workouts (or hi-lo for that matter.) Cathe's cardio is not complex for the most part, though the...
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    It has been years

    Hi Bobbi, Good for you for dragging everything out again! I have stuck with Cathe since the old days ( I originally joined this site in 1999), but haven't really been active on these forums in years. I was never very active anyway, but I think I remember you... Did you used to have a little...