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    frustrated with my runs because of being anemic

    It is caused my heavy periods im having. Im on iron and havent had any constipation luckily!!
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    frustrated with my runs because of being anemic

    Thanks for the replies I appreciate all your help. I had already registered for the 15 K so I plan on doing it. And the doctor is the one that suggested I take iron supplements after having a blood test done. I do fine on some days but some days I struggle. I just can't wait to feel that again...
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    frustrated with my runs because of being anemic

    Has any of you been anemic? It had affected my runs breathing wise and it is taking forever . I was diagnosed in march and still have days that I have to run/walk. I want to do a 15k in November and don't want to have to walk any of it. I just want to feel good running again like i use to. I...
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    Advocare - Any Thoughts?

    They have good products. I did the challenge and got great results!!
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    Has anyone heard if these or tried them? I came across them on the internet. Also natalie jill has a super shred program ive been considering.
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    What have been your results from whey protein?

    How much protein does the natural whey that cathe recommends have in it?
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    so many diets and workouts. which ti choose?

    Thanks so much for the replies. I have sts and did one rotation. Did not lose but got unbelievably stronger. I am thinking about buying some of those books from the fighter diet website about cardio and wts. Maybe to get a different perspective on things and help me change it up. Thanks again!
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    so many diets and workouts. which ti choose?

    I see so many different workouts in tv etc.. diets. I have been reading about this fighter diet. Sounds like she is saying you cant do cardio and wts at same time in order to get ripped. Im so confused. I need to lose ten pds and want to get leaner but seems like my body is fighting me since...
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    preworkout drinks

    Thanks! What kind do you use?
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    preworkout drinks

    I am training gor half marathon and have been feeling fatigued on some of my runs. Do any of you use a preworkout drink and if so what? I need something to help with energy.
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    Les Mills Pump

    I love bodypump so much that i got certified as a bodypump instructor! It works your entire body. It gives you a cardio workout as well as resistance training. I do not have the infomercial workouts tho. I get a new release ever 3months as an instructor.
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    has anyone had good results with pilates.? I have problem areas, lower abs i,nner thighs. A girl i met swears by pilates. She said it changed her body. Longer leaner arms and tighter body all around. She uses a reformer tho and also recommended the magic circle. I bought a danskin magic circle...
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    I have to brag

    Thanks! I owe it sts!
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    I have to brag

    Last weekend I got certified as an insructor and we had a bodypump challenge. We had 6 stations of two different exercises to do and lift as heavy of wt as u could with good form for 15-20 reps. Anyway Everone was impressed at how much I could lift. I lifted the most out of all the women...
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    i am bloated and gassy all the time, sorry if too much info but i dont know what to do. I am lactose intolerant and avoid dairy cuz it does that too me but im still experiencing this. I ate eggs and go lean cereal for breakfast and a salad for lunch and was bloated. I even took digestive enzymes...
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    brazil buttlift

    what results have any of u had with these workouts.? I need to tone up my backside and was wondering if these will work for me.
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    back of the thigh help

    Maybe i shld try brazil butt lift, has anyone had good results with that program?
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    Jackie Warner

    I really like jackies workouts. I think they are good . I just bought her new one and I have extreme timesaver abs and the workout one. I didnt like jillians new one shed and shred. Im gonna try to take that back to the store. Hopefully they will let me return it.She does that goofy moves that...
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    back of the thigh help

    my legs look half way decent for 42 yr old and when I am just standing not too bad but I got a glimpse of the back of them in my mirror when I was running and yikes, ripples, yuck!!! what can I do and why does it only look that bad with certain movement? I workout so hard and still have cottage...