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    anyone from ohio?

    >Hey fellow Buckeyes!! > >I'm in Findlay! So, between the Bluffton catheite and the >Fremont catheite!! > >Heidi >Can't go to the half-marathon -- baseball with my boys! Holy cow, I'm in Findlay, too!!!! Email me at bartocentral(at) Wow!:-)
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    Brenda's back!

    I was soooo glad to see the cast information on the blog! Cathe or SNM, is it possible to ask Brenda to post a little bit on how she rehabbed from her injury enough to film STS (which I couldn't do on a good day, let alone after breaking a hip!!). :) Rose
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    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    I heard over at VF that Brenda cracked her hip (or something equally awful) while she was participating in an Iron Man competition in the last couple days. Just wondering if you'd heard how she was doing. Tell her we are thinking of her!:)
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    Question for SAHMs

    I left the paid workforce at age 33 in anticipation of our first daughter's adoption. I left a high stress, low money field (journalism) that also had a lot of self-fulfillment and ego stroking. I don't regret staying home to raise my daughters (now 7 and 5). There are days that are better...
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    The Pre-Order link is now working

    I got a server error message. Does that mean my order went through or not? Does anyone know from past experience? Thanks!
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    4 Day Split Presale Will Begin June 25th

    Yay! How long will the presale run for? I will be on vacation and am not sure of my Internet access.
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    isculpt ballet?

    Well, you are one of two people who don't own an ipod :-) I had a friend download them for me (I'm computer stupid) and burn them to a cd. I put them in my stereo, and watch closed caption tv while working through the pain. You get used to an audio workout, and actually they are pretty...
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    Local Store Carries Size -2X0

    Speaking as a petite person, petite sizing IS different (or should be). The rise is smaller, the shoulders are narrower, the cuffs hit different. I rarely buy anything in the "regular" department. Rose
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    power 90x what is the music like?

    The music is rock music - not hard stuff, sort of middle of the road (sometimes reminds me of Boston). It is very motivating and seems to fit well with the exercises. I'm on my second round of the X and I just love the music. I never turn it off!:)
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    Rock Bottoms?

    Hi, I don't post too much here, but I always read :) Anyway, I'm in search of an old Cathe vhs, Rock Bottoms. Does anyone know where I can find it? Amazon, Half and ebay don't have any copies. Or, if someone has one willing to sell or trade, please let me know. Rose
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    I am in the last couple weeks of my first time with 90x. And it is like no other program I've ever done. It will work as hard as you do ... ie, you really have to commit to writing down your weights and increasing in either weight or reps. So far, I've lost an inch on my waist and two inches...
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    Pizzelle Cookies

    OK, keep in mind what I went through to get this recipe so YMMV. I'd say "how much flour" and my mom would say "enough." :-) And oh yeah, these are NOT for the clean eaters! 1 dozen eggs 2 c sugar 1 c melted crisco 1 t. vanilla flavor (or more) 5.5 c. flour (or more) Beat eggs...
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    Pizzelle Cookies

    What kind of recipe do you have? I am 100 percent Italian , and ours includes vanilla as the flavoring. You also need a really good pizzelle iron ... Vitantonio's Pizzelle Chef is the best. The batter I use is fairly stiff, so I drop it by teaspoonfulls onto the middle of the iron. If you...
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    The "Everything About P90X" Thread

    RE: The Yes, one of the wonderful things to me about 90x is that all your workouts are in that binder. No thinking, but lots of working}( My frustration with making up my own rotations has always been fitting things in, making sure I'm pushing myself, etc. Even with Cathe's rotations, a lot...
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    P90X Before and (almost) After

    Holy Cow! You look great! I am piddling around with the dvds until I can start a real rotation after Thanksgiving. I did Legs today (no back until I figure out the pullup issue in my basement) -- where has this system been all my life? I have never had jello legs like this before. Any...
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    Where can I find a great deal on P90X?

    I got my 90x today!! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until after Tgiving to start. I popped in the Arms dvd and I can't wait ... these look realllly good. And, found out that the two free dvds (in another shipment) are from the Masters Series, Upper/Middle/Lower and Cardio Intervals. They...
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    Barbells vs dumb bells

    I went to dumbbells only when my youngest started to walk and was bumping into everything (she still does!). They were easier to keep out of her way. I don't miss a barbell, but I don't go superheavy on anything, either. Dumbbells are more comfortable for me to handle and I can go heavier if...
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    Where can I find a great deal on P90X?

    I'm supposed to get mine on Wednesday. It doesn't sound like I got QUITE the deal everyone else did but I ordered through the 800 number on the commercial. I am getting the whole package plus two extra dvds (for doing the one-time payment, they said) called Cardio Intervals and Body Sculpt...
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    Amy Bento step

    Hey there, I got Advanced Step Challenge in a trade and wondered how it compared to other instructors. I've reached the point where I can get Cathe and Christi on the first try, and find Kari Anderson pretty basic in choreo. My favorite step ever is the second stage of Step Heaven. Will I be...
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    Anyone w/ new dvd's not have a freezing issue?

    Mine don't freeze so far. I have a very cheap Symphonic single disc player that I picked up at Wal-Mart for around $30. It plays everything I've ever had.