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  1. AudreyQ

    band workouts

    Thank you!
  2. AudreyQ

    workouts with bands?

    looking for a list of workouts I can do with resistance bands while I wait for the new workouts to be released. :)
  3. AudreyQ

    band workouts

    Are there any live workouts with bands? (I couldn't find that option when searching). Will the new bands be used in future live workouts? Thanks,
  4. AudreyQ

    Video Clip of Cathe's Leg Express Live Workout

    Thank you Cathe! Loved this one :) Of course I might not be able to walk tomorrow, but still loved it.
  5. AudreyQ

    October 15, 2020

    Thank you :)
  6. AudreyQ

    October 15, 2020

    Thank you! That was an awesome workout! I was so glad to see this reminder as I was having trouble picking a workout for today. What a great birthday gift. :)
  7. AudreyQ

    Video Clip From Cathe's PHA Supersets Live Workout

    Loved this one. I'm partial to PHA style workouts, and this was a keeper :)
  8. AudreyQ

    Techie question about rotations and on-demand

    Thank you for clarifying. :)
  9. AudreyQ

    Techie question about rotations and on-demand

    I don't know if this is possible, but if it is, please point me in the direction of what I need to read to get it working. I just signed on for monthly on-demand. Wanted to see how it worked before making a 6-month commitment. What I'd like to do... create a rotation for myself from pre-mixes...
  10. AudreyQ

    Question about workout blender and ipads

    I'm considering a 6-month on-demand package (since i can save 15% with the coupon). I'd want to modify some workouts to fit them to my time constraints etc. so a few questions for those who use this regularly. 1) if I create workouts on my computer, can I access these on my ipad? (I use the...
  11. AudreyQ

    ICE or LITE?

    Returning to regular workouts after spending the last 3-4 months just walking/biking with an occasional strength training session. Should I go with an ICE rotation or LITE? Thanks :)
  12. AudreyQ

    best videos for hamstrings/glutes?

    Thank you!. I agree with you. I can easily put together my own workout of exercises, but somehow they don't get done the same way when someone else is counting and cuing. I'm a personal trainer and my clients that work with me 1x a week and on their own the rest always tell me that they work...
  13. AudreyQ

    best videos for hamstrings/glutes?

    I respectfully disagree. Lunges and squats are going to hit the quads a lot more than hamstrings and glutes. I'm looking for specific videos with deadlifts, side lunges and band work and that doesn't seem to be something I can search on.
  14. AudreyQ

    best videos for hamstrings/glutes?

    I just signed up for the streaming service, though I probably have all of Cathe's dvd's or downloads. LOL Which are the best workouts for hamstrings/glutes. There used to be a index of all the workouts, but I don't think it includes the newer series. I'm looking for hip thrusts, glute bridges...
  15. AudreyQ

    More booty workouts please :)

    Hip thrusters, glute bridges, band work etc. Thank you! :)
  16. AudreyQ

    Best Flooring

    I have core flyte gliders that are on wheels. Nothing else will slide on the interlocking foam mats. :(
  17. AudreyQ

    Best Flooring

    I'm looking at changing the flooring in my home gym and am looking for suggestions on the best type of material. I currently have the foamy interlocking pieces, and while its' nice not to need a mat, this type of flooring doesn't work with any gliding devices and I find I sometimes get 'stuck'...
  18. AudreyQ

    Question about organization of downloads

    Wondering if others who purchase the downloads and use an ipad can chime in.. How do you prefer to organize Cathe's videos in itunes? As home movies, or TV shows? I keep going between wanting to see all the covers and wanting to keep the series together so I can find them easier. Looking for...