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  1. Sadiex27

    Workouts categorized by MET Value?

    Metabolic Equivalent.
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    Cathe live billing question

    who do I contact? I had a subscription to Cathe Live that renewed on the 2nd of each month. Last month on the 26th I upgraded to the live and on demand, paid the full $20. Now I see I was charged on the 2nd for $10 package as well. Is this right?
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    It's probably been asked already...

    ...but do the Fit Tower workouts work with the Turbo Tower?
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    "Live" Rotation?

    I just wanted to chime in to tell Jen how much I adore your blog!
  5. Sadiex27

    January 5, 2017

    I've noticed that, too! I realize I can rewind a bit but it is a tad frustrating! It happens quite often.
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    Updated Live Spreadsheet thru 9/8

    This is so fantastic! Thank you so much!
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    New Series? Whatever happened to Rhonda?

    I may be wrong about this but I think Rhonda was in one of Cathe's "Live" classes. I could swear I remember her saying about a former cast member being up from Georgia.
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    Cathe Live List

    Very cool, thank you!
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    Name that tune...please

    Yes, thank you!
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    Name that tune...please

    it's driving me nuts! What is the song that is playing during the warm up of ICE Chisled Upper Body?
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    Cathe Live: descriptions

    I'd say it is pretty accurate though the weighted exercises are more along the line of RWH Upper Body Circuit. Fun workout.
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    Collage video is back!!

    One more vote for Mary! Seriously, fantastic service.
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    Peak Fit Challenge/Michelle Dozois - For Advanced Exercisers?

    So.......which dvd of the Peak series would you guys recommend if someone wanted to try it out? :)
  14. Sadiex27

    Anyone try PB2?

    I am another one of those peanut butter addicts; it is ridiculous how fast a jar disappears (same with almond, sunflower, cashew....yes, I have a probelm). I do like PB2 but I like Protein Plus Peanut Flour a bit better. Protein Plus, Roasted All Natural Peanut Flour, 32 oz (907 g) -
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    Cathe, your thoughts on new Rykas

    Also waiting to hear about the new shoes :) I am really hoping to hear "great lateral support". I do have a pair of the synergys and while the lateral support is good they sort of feel like I am wearing moon boots. :p
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    April Rotation?

    Cathe Friedrich - Cathe’s April Shape Up for Summer Rotation
  17. Sadiex27

    Opinion of Les Mills Combat dvd's

    Right?! Ugh, I love "real" MMA workouts.
  18. Sadiex27

    Burn Sets Substitution

    Yea, Upper Body Pyramid is a good choice or maybe you could use the 4 Day Split Series - Chest/Back from Higher Intensity Step and Shoulders from Lower Intensity step. You could mesh the Gym Styles together from the Hardcore Series as well.