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    Strong Upper Stacked premixes

    Hi, Here's what I get when I go to the premixes in Upper Body stacked. Some of them are the upper body, but many are Pyramid Lower body premixes.
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    LITE Metabolic Blast Mish Mosh Scrambled #2

    Hi. The mish mosh scrambled #2 on LITE Metabolic blast isn't scrambled--the abs are just all at the very end vs. an ab segment after each metabolic section. Edit--oh. Forget it. I see what you did. Just not what I'd hoped for--so I'll make my own :) Thanks!
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    Is there a Live class today?

    It would be really nice if announcements like this were pinned. Not everyone comes to the site every day. I only come the night before a live to see what it's going to be.
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    Audio sync problems with Workout Blender?

    Thanks--although today I did one from Fit Split and the issue is there. If you compare the warm up from the premix version of Shred Cardio to the original version, you will notice a very slight delay in the sync. It is barely discernible, and you will probably have to stand up and actually do...
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    Audio sync problems with Workout Blender?

    Oops--sorry, I'm using Windows 10, not 7. And I just went in and tested, and it doesn't seem to be happening anymore. If it does I'll contact customer support :) Thanks for responding.
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    Audio sync problems with Workout Blender?

    I subscribe to On Demand, and this has been an issue for me for a long time, but I keep forgetting to post about it. When I make a workout using the Workout Blender (I'm using Windows 7 on Google Chrome, if that matters), the audio does not sync with the video. Sometimes this is also true for...
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    Planning a Hawaii Vacation - Need Some Suggestions!

    I stayed on Oahu two years ago, and although my finace and I had an amazing trip, I really didn't enjoy Honolulu or Waikiki. I had a wonderful time, but it was mostly due to the hotel we stayed in, which I don't think is representative of any of the hotels you would stay in in Honolulu...
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    foreign adoption

    I have no advice for you in terms of the adoption, but I wanted to mention that if they do go through with it there are augmentative communication devices for children (and adults) who can't speak. (Like little computers that attach to wheelchairs or can be carried around) Even if his motor...
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    How cheap are YOU????

    Sort of seems like this is an environmentally friendly thread, so I thought I'd add: I use (not .com) to refuse catalogs. (Which in turn helps me save money, because when I don't get the catalogs, I don't see the needless stuff, hence I don't buy the needless stuff :) )...
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    My first post

    > > >I'm curious. How many of you joined before I did? I bet >there aren't very many! I searched, and the oldest post of mine that I can find was from September 28, 2000. But I know it's not my first post. I remember asking where I should start, and Debbie H answered that I...
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    hot tea ???

    >We make tea using this and it works wonderfully!!! > > > My fiance and I use this, too, and we love it! So cool to set it on top of a clear glass mug and watch the tea pour in, especially if you've put a little milk and honey in the...
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    Protein Shake Question...Have you heard of this?

    Sushi is from China :) I know this isn't really the issue, but I thought I'd mention that Sushi actually did originate in China :) Wendy
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    Weighted vests in Meso 3?

    I hope I'm wrong, but it looks light and not adjustable. The Fitness by Cathe line in general (if I recall correctly) looked like a lot of lighter stuff, to appeal to people just getting into fitness. I'll have to go back and look at the blog to see if I'm remembering correctly. If I am...
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    No safety catches for chest press?

    Hi Chris, Will there be safety catches on the new piece of equipment to use during chest presses? Thanks
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    Pyramid - Strength or Endurance

    Glad you like the idea :) I am noticing strength gains doing PUB this way. I feel like I have finally gone up from the weights I've been using FOREVER! I can actually do the biceps with 15, 12 and 10 pounds, and really the 10s are too light. (I've never been able to match Cathe on this...
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    Pyramid - Strength or Endurance

    I've been trying to use it as a strength workout lately. Inspired by a thread at VF, I've been splitting the supersets and doing either one body part per day or a three day split, using the Pyramid Down premix. For chest (for example), I start with the heaviest weight I can handle and do the...
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    Dark Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches

    Maybe you all would like Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby: Peanutbutter-filled/chocolate-covered pretzels mixed into vanilla ice cream (I think there's a fudge swirl thrown in as well.) Yums. Wendy
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    Anyone else anxious for new STS blog updates?

    Filming this weekend SNM did post that they were going to be taking a break from filming this past week to check over everything they did last weekend and fine tune things with NFL Films. They said they'd be filming again this weekend, and from here on out there would be more frequent pictures...
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    Lost 100 pounds and want to start weight training

    Hi IndyMom. Check your inbox--I PMd you with some suggestions :) Wendy