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  1. KadetKim

    Excellent program to watch: The Truth About Exercise

    Hi Clare I watched that when it aired over here a little while ago. Thanks for flagging it up. It's made me very aware of my NEAT index and now I'm in a full time office situation, so have had to reduce my daily workout I try to leave the desk and move around at every opportunity even if I...
  2. KadetKim

    If you could have anyone as your personal trainer...

    LOL Clare - naughty but nice. The guys are scoring high here so how about Sisters are Doing it for Themselves. My vote goes to Ilaria Montagnani.
  3. KadetKim

    Outdoor workouts~HELP Try this from the awesome AquaJock. Not sure if she's still around these here parts these days - perhaps if she is she'll chime in with a bit of awesomeness.
  4. KadetKim


    Super easy choreography. That's not the challenge with this one. Just did it again this week and now remembered why I've been putting it off. Have crash cart and a couple of paramedics standing by and you're good to go :D Just teasing - one paramedic should be fine.
  5. KadetKim


    Hey Guys Thanx so much for everyone's responses. It made me realise it's not something I can make a snap decision about. Kept my wallet zipped on this occasion. Happy snoozing. Kim xoxo
  6. KadetKim

    I had a police officer in class today...

    We don't know but he found it very arresting :p
  7. KadetKim

    Another book thread - Hmmm I wonder what Clare's reading?

    Clare Reading your post was incredibly refreshing as well said by Janis. I'm just back to say that I'm so glad you agreed with my views on Sophie Kinsella - her DH is Head Master at a school just half a mile from here. I'd read all her stuff b4 I found that out though. So Hi-5 from...
  8. KadetKim


    Been toying with the idea of a new mattress then today saw a great half price offer on memoryfoam on a shopping channel - so need to make a quick decision. Does anyone have any positives or negatives to help me decide? Thanx :confused:
  9. KadetKim

    Another book thread - Hmmm I wonder what Clare's reading?

    Having been a lifelong avid reader it irks me that I never seem to find the time these days but with thoughts of beach season approaching has anyone read the first one or two from the Shopaholic series? They got a bit sillier as they went on and the film was a travesty but still, there's no...
  10. KadetKim


    Ivy Dietwise: This is the way to go. It's hard as my name is SugarJunkie on another forum so that just about sums it up. Workoutwise: I've been stepping for about 20 years, not a lot of success on the waistline although the legs of an athlete, but it was always the muffin top that was...
  11. KadetKim

    Fun Poll...Doggie Roll Call!

    This is Gucci - (seal point BIRMAN) - looking forward to the Low Impact series after all those jacks he's been doing.
  12. KadetKim

    Can You Find The Cat In This Photo?

    Janey Funny - thanx 4 that xoxox
  13. KadetKim

    1st marathon next weekend-Eek!

    Nan Just remember we're all behind you willing you on "You Go Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!!!"
  14. KadetKim

    Downloads vs. Dvd's

    In my experience downloading is usually less than 30mins. However, the main disadvantage with the downloads is no pre-mixes. Depending on how heavily you are into the pre-mixes determines how much you think you may be missing out. Personally I hardly ever use them at all, but sometimes they...
  15. KadetKim

    All of Cathe's DVD's....

    That was always on ShopCathe. It had the year next to the title. I noticed that disappeared about six months ago. Having been a late-comer to this site and not got everything in the order of release I used to find this interesting.
  16. KadetKim

    How long does it take.....Downloads?

    I previously had no problem at all when using Internet Explorer. When I updated to Google Chrome it was unbearable. Reverted to Internet Explorer and all systems back to normal. Not sure what browser you have - but worth experimenting for future.
  17. KadetKim

    Tennis Elbow Anyone?

    Tennis Elbow Exercises - YouTube This is what worked for me - sorted it right out. You're welcome :D
  18. KadetKim

    Workout Warriors - Summer Revival

    Hey Cathy sympathies with the sleeping. Its coz you've got business in your mind. Have to clear all that right out. I find on the long wakeful nights you tend to get hungry a lot. It's all just a vicious circle. Infuriating. I've tried it all, ironing, playing solitaire on the computer...
  19. KadetKim

    Workout Warriors - Summer Revival

    Hello I'm winning the war against carbs. I went to a dancing thingy last night. This attracts two types of people, those who keep the floor busy and those who attend for the social aspect and settle down usually with a picnic type accompaniment. There was so much food there last night...
  20. KadetKim

    Workout Warriors - Summer Revival

    Cathy Welcome back. Seems like you had a good time. 800 pix. Where are they. Do you plan to share? Janis How did the closet clear out go? I did mine a year or two ago, very very painful. But now there's stuff everywhere again and just does not seem to have a home so need to start a...