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  1. Joannafit

    Lunch in NYC w/Jen & Sylwia

    well I am or pleasure lunch (considering your choice of comapnions);):p
  2. Joannafit

    10K to animal charity contest

    Bissel is holding a contest and will donate to winners choice of charity, and the pet gets to be featured on a Bissel sweeper box. I got my dog thru SAAP- stray animal adoption program and they would get the cash!!! My 11 yr old would be beyond excited to his dog on the sweeper box.(so would...
  3. Joannafit

    How much to pay kid-sitters?

    the girl across the street charges 10 bucks for hour#1, then 5 for each hour after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:...for weekend eves for a summer day (8-4)- 25 bucks Therefore, I rarely try to use a sitter if grandma isnt around:D
  4. Joannafit

    Our Christmas card

    can santa bring her as a present to me???:p She is a sweetheart!!!
  5. Joannafit

    I need your votes!

    vote added to your tally!:eek:
  6. Joannafit

    12 hour night shift people -- when do you find the time?

    I work 10A-1030P 3X a week as a RN. I "know" that I could get up and exercise before I have to go to work, but I hate early am I am a big fan of the stairs, I alternate flights, single step- skipping a step, which really makes the glutes scream going from D level,C, B, etc all...
  7. Joannafit

    Anyone want to be FB (Facebook) friends???

    hi everyone........can ya include me too!!!! great idea!!!!/profile.php?id=100001212315374
  8. Joannafit

    Look what I found....

    :D:D I remember you quite well in some of those "looks"!!!! I only recently purged the "vintage" cathe VHS's!!:D:D:D:D You look like a totally different person as far as muscle definition and overall fitness. You have aged VERY GRACEFULLY since SNM1!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Joannafit

    best elliptical?

    got mine @ dick's
  10. Joannafit

    best elliptical?

    LOVE my sole too
  11. Joannafit

    Car shopping--need advice

    my plan my only advice to you is to consider a car to buy, and pay it off in 3 years, drive it for several more, while keep making car payments to yourself and you will never ever have to finance a car again. I have been doing this for 20 years...and dont knock hyundai's
  12. Joannafit

    cathes' that include firewalkers are....

    can ya'll give me a list I know Butts n gutts what other ones?? thanks!!!:D
  13. Joannafit

    Meet Mishka my german shepherd puppy!

    what a precious little pup. Congratulations!!!! My dog is a german sheperd mix and she is the SWEETEST dog ever, much more than my golden I used to have!
  14. Joannafit

    I am abso-freakin-lutely DONE!!!!!!!!

    my only concern is will take any of his anger towards you and react physically against you or your family? I agree with washing your hands of the entire situation, but your personal safety is of utmost importance
  15. Joannafit

    Have you ever had to use an Epipen?

    my epi- pen comes in a 2 pack in case i need to repeat a dose before i get to an ER they have test pens with saline to practice.
  16. Joannafit

    I'm Addicted

    Intensity series ROCKS...........what an awesome choice!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek: Have fun! Try legs & Glutes/ kick punch and crunch too
  17. Joannafit

    Amy Bento DVD's

    hcrfitness- sent ya PM
  18. Joannafit

    Aparently I'm a total workout snob. :(

    Ignore the entire lot Keep going if the class is beneficial to your goals. You dont need anyones approval (of grief for that matter!) I wish I lived near ya, I would come just to aggrevate them:p
  19. Joannafit

    For those who have been pregant

    in many pregnancies, morning sickness does not occur until a missed period and may not even start till week 6. I say, most cause everyone is different, but it is the HCG hormone that triggers nausea and this soon after, it probably would not be elelvated enough yet. In the future, the morning...