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  1. HarleysMom


    I posted this in the DVD thread as well. I'm looking for the names of a couple songs used in The Lite Series. Cardio Party -Blast 2 where we punch hi/lo and the cool down song. Thanks!!!!
  2. HarleysMom


    I would love to know the names of some songs used in a couple DVD's. The Lite Series Cardio Party - Blast 2 - where we punch hi/lo and the cool down song. Anybody know the name of those two songs?
  3. HarleysMom

    Sciatica anyone

    Ok. I sure will. I'd like to, and I hope to, only go through this once. But, we shall see.
  4. HarleysMom

    Sciatica anyone

    Thanks so much you two. I have the steroid shot on Thursday. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. HarleysMom

    Sciatica anyone

    Is there a period that you should wait to exercise after the shot? That's the hard part for sure. My problem is I don't feel pain while working out most of the time. I wish that was a good thing. Fox2star- so sorry it didn't work for you or your niece. I hope both of you are doing ok. What...
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    Diet and inflammation

    Did Cathe answer this question?
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    Sciatica anyone

    I thought as I was reading these posts that, this is me! After a year of stretching, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic care, I decided to move further. Finally had an MRI to discover I have two herniated disks in the lumbar. Going this Thursday for the epidural syeroid shot. I'm just...
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    Fit Tower DVDS

    I ordered and received the Fit Tower, however, I did not receive the Cathe DVD's. When should I expect them? Thanks, Tina L. Runyon
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    Workout Capri's

    I saw you in a pair of workout capri's that are so cool! The pair with the black/white checks, blue, etc. Where in the world did you find those??? I live in VA - would love to find some different workout capri's and these fit the bill
  10. HarleysMom

    Question for dog owners

    raw dog food Hi Lorrie, I feed my german shepherd a raw diet as well. My last shepherd, Harley, lived to be 12 years old and was a very healthy guy! I have a female gsd now who gets a raw diet. I feed Vital Essentials. They do not include veggies in their meat so if you want to feed...
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    Did not receive Cycle Max - Help!

    thanks Much appreciated. I'm sure then I did not order it - no spin bike here. Thanks!
  12. HarleysMom

    Did not receive Cycle Max - Help!

    I pre-ordered the new Low Impact Series. Was Cycle Max included? It didn't make it with my order if it was suppose to. :(
  13. HarleysMom

    STS/World News Music

    Hijacking my own thread :eek: Congratulations Shannon B. !!!!!!
  14. HarleysMom

    STS/World News Music

    Not sure this title will have anybody interested, but I had the tv on as World News Tonight w/Dianne Sawyer came on - I had my back to it and I thought boy that "tune" sure sounds familiar.....It sounds just like the STS music right before the electrical static sound (not sure that's a good way...
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    I LOVE Zumba - this coming from somebody who prefers Cathe of course and P90X. The first time I tried it I was in the middle of P90X and I thought there was no way I'd ever be Zumba'ing. I agree with Carmen; if I really suck in my belly and move my hips, and shake it baby shake it :D I get a...
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    Turbo Fire Clip

    I've been lurking checking out the comments on Turbo Fire. I have to comment now :D I did Fire 45 today; the one that Fit44 mentioned the song "I got your boyfriend"....ladies - what a FUN workout!!! The music and energy of this workout left me wanting more!!!! A couple of days ago, I did...
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    Green Smoothie Recipe

    Thanks Kathryn for the info! I guess you have to watch or you could really rack up some calories huh? :) Much appreciated - gives me a great place to begin.
  18. HarleysMom

    Green Smoothie Recipe

    Thanks so much! I'll try both :)
  19. HarleysMom

    Green Smoothie Recipe

    I read a previous thread about a green smoothie girl website. And yes, I spent alot of time looking around there :D Does anybody have "one" good recipe I could try before purchasing the book? Thanks in advance!
  20. HarleysMom

    greek yogurt

    coconut "everything" An excellent website for anything coconut or coconut related including tons of free recipes!