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    RT - did you get in?!?!

    Hooray for Invoice #24! See you all in July!!!! :D
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    Have a great weekend August trippers!!!

    Yes, have a great time! I certainly had a blast last month! All the best --callie44
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    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    I too was upset to discover that Brenda suffered such an injury; I will certainly keep her in my thoughts over the next weeks! Stay strong, Brenda! Hugs --Callie
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    Mini Update 1/27/06

    Congratulations, Cathe-- It's so great to hear that you're feeling better. Still, please take it easy because we care far more about your health than we do about a filming date! Take care and thanks for the update. --Callie
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    Mid-June, Mid-July or Mid-August! :-) --Callie
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    Mini Update 1/16/06

    Cathe-- Yes, please take care and go slowly. Your health matters so much more than a filming date!!!! Thank you for the update and know that our thoughts are with you. Take care --Callie
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    A new MIC

    Bump! --Callie ;-)
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    Cathe--Speaking Engagements?

    Hi, Cathe-- I noticed you were online and thought I'd drop you a quick line to see if you have ever considered or done speaking engagements. You have inspired so many of us via your videos/DVDs and website; you could encourage even more to adopt a healthy lifestyle and build a strong...
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    In Awe of your Creativeness...

    Sam-- Bump! I've done IMAX3, Muscle Max, Kick Max and Low Max and all I have to say is...wowee! Thanks, Cathe. --Callie
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    Cathe--Thank you for IMAX3

    Cathe-- Today, I tried out IMAX 3: not only was it a wonderfully challenging workout, it was just plain wonderful! I truly enjoyed the routine and welcome the opportunity to tackle it again. Tomorrow, the workout du jour is Muscle Max and then I think Kick Max is calling me... ;-) Thank...
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    Anyone ordered in July and have NOT been notified?

    Just heard! I ordered on July 6th and the DVDs are due to arrive tomorrow! :D Be sure to check on the tracking link in the first thread in this forum, especially if you have so-called "helpful" e-mail programs with spam-blocker. Good luck and take care! --Callie
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    Great idea. Way bump! :D --Callie
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    Anyone ordered in July and have NOT been notified?

    Hi! Same here: ordered July 6th, but no notification, yet. I'm so eager too, I fear for the UPS man, b/c when I'm not at work, I'll probably be peeking out the back door to pounce on the blessed DVD delivery the moment it leaves his hands... ;) Take care! --Callie
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    Training diet?

    RE: Training diet?--Plus extra Q for Cathe Hi, all! It's been awhile since I've posted, but was pleasantly surprised to see this old post get bumped up to the top. Again, I never intended to open a Pandora's Box; I only started the post for the following reasons: 1. Cathe, you haven't...
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    Training diet?

    RE: Training diet answers Hi! I'd like to thank the last three posters for all of their comments! I'm rather close to my fitness goals, now, and I guess I'm lucky that losing weight, as such, isn't one of them. However, lately fitness competition--or at least having the fitness level and...
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    Training diet?

    Hi, all-- I certainly didn't intend to open this Pandora's Box, I was merely curious as to the amazing transformation Cathe made during pre-production and production of the Hardcore series. Certainly, the issues surrounding the individuality of genetics, including body-type, and eating...
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    Training diet?

    Cathe-- You look absolutely fabulous in the pix you've posted! What was your training diet? I'd love to look that buff!!! Can't wait until the release (& delivery) of the new Hardcore Series or for the possibility of attending your fitness camp. Good luck with the rest of filming and take...
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    Love the ideas here!

    Hi, all! Didn't have time to throw in my .02 about the suggestions below, but I have to say that these look great! 90-Minute Step Legs & Glutes II Step-N-Kickbox Terminator-like mixes Take care and hope to read more from you soon. --Callie ;-)
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    Another "Have you thought..." Question--Franchises?

    Cathe-- Thanks so much for responding to my previous post about Cathe-Camp. I was wondering if you've ever considered running more intensive training camps to teach instructors how to instruct "Cathe-style." It might be cool, then, to allow those select instructors to open franchises in...