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    Muscle Building Workout

    I am thinking about getting the Pure Strength DVD and was wondering about the number of reps in this workout. I really don't want a high rep workout. I have a step, dumbells, and a barbell. My favorite total body Cathe routine is MIS. I also own ME, but there is just too many reps in that...
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    Help me with Choreography!

    I'm not good at choreography either. I bought The Wedding Tape and Mega Step Blast and can do those just fine. What other step tapes are similar as far as choreography complexity to those two? I don't mind buying VHS. I see Step Max and Step Works are on clearance. Do you think I can handle...
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    Step Choreography Ratings

    I love the "Ultimate Guide to Cathe's Workouts" posting which rate her workouts by intensity. Has anyone thought about doing a rating system for her step workouts according to choreography difficulty? This seems to be a popular subject on this forum. I am looking for some new step workouts...
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    The Classics Vol. 1

    Is The Classics DVD easier choreography-wise compared to Cardio Hits? Cheryl
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    Frustration with Choreography

    I am fairly new to step and not good at choreography, but I was able to master the Wedding tape the first time through. What would be the next DVD for me to get: The Classics or Cardio Hits? I have 2 left feet when it comes to pivots and moves where you end up on the other side of the bench...
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    MIS vs. ME vs. MM

    I have the DVDs with MIS and ME on them and love these workouts. I'm considering MM, but was wondering if it would be too similar to the other full body strength workouts. Can somebody comment on the differences and/or your preferences? I'd appreciate your help! Cheryl
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    Old workouts?

    The only one I have is The Wedding tape and I love it. How do the others compare choreography-wise? Cheryl
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    Wedding video review?

    Can anyone recommend any other step routines with similar choreography? The Wedding tape is one of my favorite step workouts. Cheryl
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    Help me spend some money!

    I have 3 Cathe workouts: ME/Bootcamp and the Wedding tape. ME is a great workout that is really challenging for me. I haven't tried BC, because the cardio seems too intense for me right now. How does MIS, MM, and PH compare to ME? I prefer total body routines. I noticed MM uses a band...
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    Cardio & Weights - How Fun!

    What's the choreography like on this one? Cheryl
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    I Did It!!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I can't wait to buy more workouts! Cheryl
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    I Did It!!!

    >Don't forget Basic Step and Body Fusion!!!:-) Do you think this would be too basic compared to the Wedding step tape? I have Kathy Smith's Step Workout and Power Step and Gin Miller's Simply Step and can do them without any trouble. How does BS/BF compare? Cheryl
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    I Did It!!!

    What about Low Impact Step? What other workouts, besides all step, are not considered complex? Cheryl
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    I Did It!!!

    I did my first Cathe step tape today! I bought the Wedding tape on clearance and decided to give it a try. It was a lot of fun and I managed the choreography just fine. I am new to step and was wondering if anyone can recommend another workout that has a similar level of choreography. I...
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    New to Cathe

    Thanks for all the replies! :-)
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    New to Cathe

    I am a fan of the old Firm videos and am looking for a change of pace. I am a step newbie and need something with basic aerobic choreography and consider myself intermediate to advanced. I enjoy weight training, but also want cardio. I don't like dancy moves because I am a klutz! I've heard...