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  1. meowracers

    John Mayer anyone?

    I really like him. To see in on TV though is too distracting b/c of something he does with his tongue to form some of his words. Silly of me, I know, but one of those things. I do love his music. Unfortunately, and FYI for anyone considering his CD, the censored one is more pleasant IMO. I...
  2. meowracers

    YAY -- I'm me again!!!!

    Thanks for this post!! I went and checked my pm and had one. I have sent the requested info and hope to be me again soon too :)
  3. meowracers

    Non-Road Trippers CCPP Saturday

    I'll take that challenge! I was going to suggest one from 7 but since I have done 7 twice lately, in a row, I need the change! Good thought for the hills in 5! (Will I still be thanking you on Saturday???!)
  4. meowracers

    Non-Road Trippers CCPP Saturday

    I'm in! I can't believe a month is already coming up! Anybody up for adding another challenge?? :eek:
  5. meowracers

    Password Still Not Coming To Me

    Good luck with that! I am still waiting too, but have given up hope. I have requested forgotten password multiple times in addition to emailing [email protected], or whatever the contact email address is. Nothing, nada, zilch. At least we aren't alone...:(
  6. meowracers

    So, what's your new name?

    I couldn't take it any longer. One more email to support, or request for password, and I think my computer and patience would have flown out the window! I used to be meowracer, now am meowracers (first name is Shana so the s makes sense I guess!)