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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Im the worst at checking in over here. So sorry :o But i finished Plyo legs yesterday. Hate that one....all the jumping after having 2 kids is annoying! I have to stop and run to the bathroom to pee! So embarrassing! Today is Shoulders/tri/bis! I love this workout! So im ready to kill...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Yay got my first workout in since i was sick. BUT it's now that TOM. Cant catch a break! Did C/B W3 and was able to keep my weights the same since i did it 2 weeks ago. Was afraid i would lose the strength but pleasently suprise i was still right with the weights. I think im going to...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Hey Girls... So sorry for not coming back here. Last workout i did was on monday when me and the hubby went for a jog. Since then i came down with ANOTHER cold!! I havent been able to workout like i did with the last one. This one is kicking my butt! I think im on the mend though. I...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Jules-wow you are burning some crazy calories!! Good job on all the hard work I forgot to check in yesterday with my workout. I did disc 31 C/B. So tough! Loved the really heavy weight though. I had to keep increasing the weight to find that sweet spot where i was failing at 6 reps. Felt...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    I did M3W2 of squat rack legs. Wow that is a tough workout. I wish i had more than just a weighted vest because i KNOW i can go heavier but my upper body strength can not lift that bar over my head. Wishing for a home gym one day :)
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    kikster- LOVE your username on MFP :) Just sent you a friend request! Jules-if you decide to use MFP my username is ReneeClaireR so add me! Yeah i'm actually looking forward to doing Pure Cardio again. I was laughing (inside because i didnt have breath to do it for real) by the end of the...
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    Any MyFitnessPal users?

    Would love Cathe friends over there! My username is ReneeClaireR :)
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Ugh im so frustrated! I started back to working out this summer after a long break from having my daughter. I've been counting calories using Myfitnesspal for almost 4 months and i have lost only a total of 2 lbs! I really dont know what im doing wrong. Do you guys count calories or just...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Just finished Pure Cardio from Insanity...omg. Killer! First time doing any of those workouts. I feel so out of shape!! haha Rest day (and date night with hubby!!) tomorrow :)
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Hey ladies! Sorry havent checked in a few days. My youngest started preschool again and i've been running around trying to get back into a routine since we had so many weeks off for christmas. So i did Plyo legs on wed. OMG so hard for me! Those 30 second breaks go soooo fast! So happy...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Thanks for the welcome in the older thread Jules :) I did the first Squat rack dvd on saturday and boy am i feeling DOMS today!! I love and dread that feeling...but mostly love b/c i know those muscles FELT it :) Yesterday i did M3W2 C&B and it was tough. I love lifting heavy and i had...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December you mind if i join??? I came across the post on the STS forum and was so intrigued by it. I'm starting my 2nd week of M3 tomorrow and LOVED it and was debating what to do next. I think i might pyramid down now!! :) -Heather
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    Question about STS 6 1/2 month rotation

    Such a good idea! Im about to finish the 3 mo rotation in January too and I loved this so much that the 6.5 rotation sounds good!! I'll be starting the last week in January so not far behind you! :)
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    STS and Muscle Max together??

    glad to see other people doing the squat rack and plyo version in M3. I'm starting next week and so pumped for this phase!! My legs are my weakest and biggest problem area
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    Mesoscycle 3-leg question

    I'm starting Mesocycle 3 next week! So excited for this phase :) My question is that i have a weighted vest so I was planning to do the squat rack version. But i have a ski trip planned in Feb and would really love to develop my leg muscle and was thinking maybe i can do BOTH the plyo and...
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    Need help figuring a rotation with an INJURY!

    I've been trying to get back in shape after having my baby 8 months ago and was running for the past 2 months using the couch to 5k program. It went great so I started doing Barry's Bootcamp treadmill workouts and i injured my lower inside calf muscle from running inclines on a treadmill. It...
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    Xtra Calendar stickers

    I have extra stickers I was gonna throw away b/c i didn't buy the 2009 calendar. (We had a baby 4.5 months ago and are only trying to buy necessities.) I'll mail them to you if you want :D
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    How long did it take to do 1RM's??

    I ordered STS last Jan and I got it yesterday and was so excited. I got pregnant last year and have been sooooo busy with my daughter that I totally forgot about doing 1RM before my dvd's got here. Can you tell me how long it took to do them all?? I'm in serious need of getting back in...
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    How to get back on the wagon?

    I dont have any advice b/c I'm right there with you. My DD is 7 weeks old and sleeps at unpredictable times (when she sleeps...she fights naps like no other). I have only gotten ONE workout in for the past week and a half. And by the time she goes down for the night I'm beat so I end up going...
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    Today I am making...

    mmm that sounds delicious!! Let us know how it tastes!!