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  1. geomom

    Video Clip of Cathe's Boot Camp Heavy Weights Live Workout

    Thank you so much for continuing to do some heavier weight workouts!
  2. geomom

    Video Clip of Cathe's Burn Sets Live: Back, Chest and Shoulders! Live Workout

    Thank you so much for doing an upper body split with heavy weights. I get that it would be hard to do in a class setting but please continue to take advantage of this unusual time to produce workouts that fill some of the "gaps" in the live series.
  3. geomom

    Music and timing off

    Thanks for explaining that to me. I would say that for me it is more of an issue for the cardio-type workouts than for weights. I've only really noticed it on a few of the Live classes that it is bad enough to be truly annoying. But any work you all can do to sync them closely is deeply...
  4. geomom

    Music and timing off

    An update on my issue, today I did #125, Cardio Boxing, and the audio was perfectly in sync to the video. Just for fun, I went and looked at the one I noticed was really off, so much that I even noted it in my spreadsheet: #207, Cardio Fusion. In that workout the audio is about 1/2 a beat off...
  5. geomom

    Music and timing off

    I have this question as well. I watch on my my computer right off the Cathe Live playback so not sure if these video setting applies in the same manner as a TV? Any help in getting a computer to have correct audio/video syncing would be greatly appreciated! I'm on a IMac and didn't have any...
  6. geomom

    Important News About Cathe Live

    This totally fixed my issue! Me and my aging eyes thank you SO MUCH!
  7. geomom

    Important News About Cathe Live

    I do my Cathe Live workouts off my MAC Airbook. As of Thursday, everything was fine. Starting on Friday (1/31/20), I can't get the video to display across the entire screen. It plays in the little"Live" box and when I hit the arrows to enlarge it to the entire screen, the background goes...
  8. geomom

    July 2019 Rotation

    I am planning to put in something like FlexTrain or Supercuts instead of doing Lite Metabolic Blast twice in one week. Both of those workouts have the words "metabolic training" in their descriptions.
  9. geomom

    Body Beast?

    DH and I are just getting started but I will post results. DH had crazy doms last week, but he's only really done P90X before this. Mine were not as bad, but I am an STS graduate ;). Program reminds me a bit of STS, but there is not 1RepMax testing. Wish there was as I am having a bit of a...
  10. geomom

    Body Beast?

    DH and I just started this program yesterday. I bought it specifically for DH as he can stand to gain some upper body mass just like your DH. Differs from STS in that you don't test 1RepMax, so you have to pick up a weight that properly challenges you. There are three phases, but not laid...
  11. geomom

    Muscles Not Firm

    I think this has a lot to do with body fat percentage and where you carry your fat. Your friend may carry all her fat in her middle with those thin legs and arms that show muscle, but have a soft belly. I, too, will be 50 next year, but carefully logging my food and losing almost 15 pounds...
  12. geomom


    To get fitbit to count spinning I wear it on the leg of my bike shorts. I think it might undercount "steps" this way since you are only getting one side counted, but it is more accurate than wearing the device at your waist. I know this because one day DH forgot his fitbit at home and I wore...
  13. geomom

    Help: Kettlebell DVD recommendations?

    Mary at video fitness is having a sale on the Art of Strength products, today is the last day, I think. That is Anthony. His stuff does not go on sale very often and would be a good way to try. Providence would be a good one to start. If your son is okay with female, Lauren Brooks would...
  14. geomom

    Considering STS - advice?

    Here are my thoughts on STS for you. If you have done a few rounds of the X, then you are a good candidate for STS. The main difference between STS and the X is that STS is more structured with a specific set of reps for each exercise and in the testing of your 1RM to get a goal weight to be...
  15. geomom

    Any Forty-Somethings out there who are struggling?

    I am 49 and perimenopausal. I have been able to lose that last dreaded 10 lbs recently just by logging my food. Really. I was eating too much. Once I started honestly logging, I dropped that weight really fast and it has been pretty easy to maintain. That said, I eat reasonably "clean"...
  16. geomom

    Any tips for sit & stands?

    Yes, as posted above, the highest high step you have. I started that way, then was eventually able to do this exercise off a chair. Also, do the reps slower than Cathe. She goes pretty fast and momentum starts to occur for me. I just go at my own, slower, pace and rewind if I need to.
  17. geomom

    Starting STS in 2 weeks - good transition DVD?

    It is the Shock Training System and you are going to be shocked no matter what you do to prep :p Having said that, I personally might do the pyramids or if you have P90X, the chest and back workout would be good prep for all the pushups in Meso 1.
  18. geomom

    Substitution for STS plyo legs

    Not Turbo Bar. It doesn't have enough of a cardio effect. Butts and Gutts would be closer, but I would almost do one of the HITT workouts followed by some leg work as plyo legs is very HITT-like.
  19. geomom

    Anyone try Jari Loves DVD's?

    I don't really have a problem with motivation as I LOVE to exercise, it's my favorite part of the day. The first week when my foot was really bad I did take some time off, but mostly just focussed on upper body weight training. I was also able to spin after about a week, so really, not...