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    30 pounds down!!!!

    wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeee CONGRATS! I am so proud of you. :eek: I know you feel like a totally different person. Best wishes and Happy Holidays! xoxo, Jennifer http//
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    Early Morning Workouts

    Early birds rock My alarm goes off at 3:50 weekday mornings! But I totally love it. That is me time. I teach school and have 3 kids and a hubby. This is my best solution in order to manage my life. I have been doing this for yrs! :D Jennifer Jennifer Wade Fit Physique on Facebook
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    How do you get 6 pack?

    Everyone has a six pack Hi, I must agree to some of the above posts. Everyone has them, but low body fat reveals them. Also, Have you ever heard of morning abs? I am a competitor and usually have abs all year around, but in the morning they look the best. After my last meal, due to fluid...
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    Thank you Cathe!! I am now a figure competitor!!

    figure to physique Last year, I shared my story of how three years ago Cathe helped me to transform body into a figure competitor. I wanted to share some more of journey. I am now physique competitor. I am getting ready for my first national show in July. I am super excited! And most of...
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    Thank you Cathe!! I am now a figure competitor!!

    Three years ago, I started STS and gradually transformed my body. STS was just the start of my journey. I want to say thank you, thank you for being my first step back into weight training. I wanted to share this because I felt like I should give back what I have received. When I started...
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    You Can Do It!!!

    I am so proud of YOU!! :D It is all about taking care of yourself. And working moms must make time or nobody else will do it for you. I am five weeks out from competition. People think I am a little insane because I tote all of my meals around and eat extremely healthy. To me, it's a...
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    My success story and first figure competition

    As far as the diet I follow to lose the weight, I used Tosca Reno's Clean eating. When I started, I had no idea I would compete. I lost 15 to 20 lbs. I have easily maintained that. Seriously, I eat some major clean food. 4/5 days of lifting and 4 cardio. This is what I did to lose the...
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    My success story and first figure competition

    Thanks for the sweet compliments. The competition was held in Gainesville, GA.
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    My success story and first figure competition

    By the way, I am the chick with the blue suit on in the middle. :D
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    My success story and first figure competition

    I was not ever over weight, but I just wasn't happy. I started out with Cathe 18 months ago. In June of this year, I contacted a trainer and started training for my first figure comp. I did do Cathe's HIIT and other dvds to supplement. I didn't make the top five in my comp, but I am extremely...
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    What is your cardio like? When I did STS, I lost 20lbs. I only did cardio on days that I didn't lift. I would run or do Beachbody's Insanity on those days only. Now I have a tranier and I am trying to reduce bodyfat. She recommends 6 days a week cardio between 45mins to 60 mins. NOthing over...
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    I am working with a trainer right now. She believes in shocking your body. She has me doing 2 steady cardios a week (hour long run), 2 intervals training (finterval running/hillwork), 2 plyo cardios(sorta like the HIITS or Insanity). I am getting ready for a figure competition. Of course...
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    Morning meal...ick!

    Protein shake or whole wheat bread with PB. I get up at 4:30 in the morning to workout, and found out very fast that I can't eat eggs that early in the morning. Shakes are usually great.
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    Question for Runners . . . . Leg cramps

    I so could have wrote this post. I get them occasionally. Usually after a brutual leg workout or intense run. I get them in my sleep. Always in my sleep. Usually if I eat 2 bananas a day this helps me alot.
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    Anyone done a Figure competition?

    Hey, I will keep you guys posted. I live in a small town, too. So people think I'm totally "off my rocker" or I'm "obssessed" I have hired a trainer and a nutritionist. My trainer is tough, but she is so dedicated to me and my success. She is pushing me to places that I wouldn't dare go by...
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    FitnessFreakk366---I really want to be tighter and toned.

    Hello LIZC7, I would suggest looking at Tosca Reno the Eat-Clean Diet. I love love love this book. Really worth the purchase, but you can proably find it in the library. I eat 7 small meals a day. I don't eat process foods. Pretty much the book outlines what I did. Right now I am...
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    Training for Figure Competition-Do you think I can so it with sts?

    Thank you so much Cathe for your response. I love getting advice from the pro. I will use your advice fully. ;0) Jennifer
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    Training for Figure Competition-Do you think I can so it with sts?

    Training for Figure Competition-Do you think I can with sts? I need some feedback. I have a figure comp. I am training for in Oct. I have started to see a trainer, I really like him, but I feel like I am doing alot of the same stuff Cathe is doing in STS. So I am thinking, why hire someone...
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    Sex and the City 2!!

    I am sooo going to see my favorite girl Carrie. I love them all. I can't wait.
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    Road Trip

    Yes, Atlanta would be great. It is also cool town.