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  1. doodles-n-divas

    Hi pumpkin....hope all is well...did you get the email I sent earlier this week???

    Hi pumpkin....hope all is well...did you get the email I sent earlier this week???
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    Happy Birthday Robin!!!!!! (Buffettgirl)

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful, fun filled day!!! :):):):):):) :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Recommendations for S&H Routine?

    I love the SH dvds....great workouts!! :) In the past, I have seen good results with these dvds just doing each muscle group once a week with cardio and yoga thrown in on my days off from weights. It does take a lot of brain power to do these workouts....but I like the slowness since I can...
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    Cathe demographic poll #1

    Wow! Lots of us over 40! :D
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    Happy Birthday Traci! (teddy16410)

    Happy Birthday, dear friend! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!! :p:D:p:D:p:D:p:D:p:D:p:D:p:D:p
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    Knock'em Dead FiddleFit!

    Go Sandra!!!!! I know you will do awesome!
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    Home buying advice

    I am not a real estate agent....just a home buyer...and I would NEVER buy a house without a real estate agent. You are not paying for the service at all...they get paid when they sell you a house. Carola had some great advice...I just wanted to jump in as a person who is not in the real estate...
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    Home Body or Go out?

    JeanneMarie....I'm with you!!!! :) I love to go out....I am at home all week and by the weekend, I prefer to at least go out to dinner...and if my DD is with her dad, you bet I'm going out!! :p We went to a comedy club last night...and had a great time...The comedians were really funny...
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    PYRAMID Wt Training

    Thanks for the information, Traci!! It is always so nice when our Cathe friends send helpful information along! :D I think you are right about the importance of being accurate with your weight selection for what you want to accomplish.....between P90X and STS, I am sold on the pre-work that...
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    Books to Read

    Hi all! Glad there is so much interest in these books...I am not sure why the BBC said we should read them...but I suppose it is because they are classics and/or socially relevant. I know there are TONS of other great books out there...just thought this was an interesting list...especially...
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    Books to Read

    Apparently the BBC reckons most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here..... Count how many you have read...and how many of those you actually liked! :p I will mark mine with an X for having read it....and a O if I actually liked it too. You may be surprised with your results! :eek...
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    The Good News Great People Thread

    1. my bf...who makes me laugh everyday :D 2. my dd who is the most precious thing :) 3. my online fitness buddies whom I am blessed to have :cool:
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    Happy Birthday doodles-n-divas (Debra)

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!!! I am so thankful for the friends I have found on You are precious gifts in my life!!! Debra
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    So disappointed, only Cathe fans would understand!

    Just wanted to see that we feel your pain here!! :( {{{Hugs}}}} to you...and I hope you find a viable alternative!
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    WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Happy Birthday "Netta"

    Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend!!!! Have a great time today with the Captain and the girls!!!!
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    What workout do you want Cathe...

    MMA for me!!!! I just got a punching bag...and I am dying for Cathe to make a workout for me!! ;):p I would also like another SS cardio...just to switch up with. I am all for a kickbox circuit....I know I would use that...but MMA is my number one priority right now. :)
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    Not judging, just curious

    Just wanted to share this link...Watch the video if you are so inclined. I think Olbermann makes some good points...But, of course, that is just my opinion!! :);)
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    Bridesmaids Dresses

    I also did what TeTe bridesmaids wore black dresses....They were all different in style of their choice and their price range. I also had a bridesmaid who was 7 months pregnant there was no way I could have everyone in the same style...Even if I had wanted to. :D It...
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    Standing chest work??

    The first thing I thought is standing chest flies....They are done in lots of pilates videos using light dumbbells....but now that I think of it, I don't see why you couldn't do any chest exercise standing (or sitting in a chair) instead of lying on your back. She could use the band or...