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  1. lainiefig

    Lost my XTrain User's Guide!!!

    Thanks, I was getting to panic stage! It was under the living room rug, under the ottoman. I'd lifted the ottoman but not noticed the bump under the rug until I stepped on it!
  2. lainiefig

    Lost my XTrain User's Guide!!!

    I found it. I knew as soon as I publicly admitted I'd lost it I'd stumble across it. It was actually underneath a rug. Duh.
  3. lainiefig

    Lost my XTrain User's Guide!!!

    I feel like such a ninny! I had been working on my 1RM testing and preparing to start a rotation tomorrow, but when I started looking for my guide yesterday to do more testing, I couldn't find it anywhere! I last saw it Thursday night and I've been all over the house looking for it. I'm now...
  4. lainiefig

    XTrain - when will you start?

    I'm going to start a rotation based off the 90-Day Xtrain and Low Impact rotation (but mixing in other cardio) on Monday the 7th. Hopefully that will give me time to do some more 1 Rep Max tests and print workout cards and stuff.
  5. lainiefig


    Like nccjones, I'm doing my own variation on the 90 day XTrain and LIS rotation. I'll follow the strength workouts pretty closely, though sometimes I'll need to do shorter premixes depending on the day, but my cardio will mostly be running outside and karate/kickboxing at my local dojo. I...
  6. lainiefig

    Fit Fig Blog Dead but Fitness Tools Live On

    I lost my passion for fitness blogging, so I stopped blogging and you won't find anymore. You can, however, still find all the fitness tools here: Fig's Fitness Tools I just copied them over to another site I own. Please spread the word if anyone needs the tools. I will...
  7. lainiefig

    Any medical professionals out there who can explain

    I might look into that online pharmacy thing if it can get me out of seeing my dermatologist--kind of tired of going there. I do have a fabulous podiatrist. I almost never have to wait AT ALL. They show me right in to a room and she's there a minute later. She also takes lots of time with me...
  8. lainiefig

    Amy Bento

    I love Amy's step workouts and I got to visit the set to watch the filming of ASC4. I also love her kickboxing workouts. Her hi-lo workouts also seem fun but I can't seem to get the hang of them. It's probably weird that I can get her complex step but not the hi-lo. I always have trouble with...
  9. lainiefig

    I've discovered THE COOLEST SERVICE EVER!

    I don't do that but at least once a week I order for delivery, which is a lifesaver with three kids (especially as the littlest one likes to pull things out of the cart and toss them while he's riding in the front of the cart).
  10. lainiefig

    Index of Cathe Rotations June 2003 - 2014- (CatheNation Links)

    Thanks for this, Belinda. I used this to update the list on the Fit Fig tools. I've got them updated through April now. And on a personal note--miss seeing you on Facebook. I recently deactivated my Facebook account to take a break from the addiction! Hope to spend a bit more time over here...
  11. lainiefig

    Cathe Friends: I've changed my Facebook account. I have been slowly adding you guys in to the...

    Cathe Friends: I've changed my Facebook account. I have been slowly adding you guys in to the new account but I haven't got everybody yet. I don't want to post the name publicly, so PM me if you want to know it so you can friend me over there.
  12. lainiefig

    Updated Compendium?

    You're welcome but I can't claim credit for the Compendium. It was created by others and had been emailed around for a while. I just did a little update of the 4-Day Split workouts and put it on my site for people to download.
  13. lainiefig

    eyeing these dvds

    I have all four (I think she has four?) of Bernadette Giorgi's on the way but they aren't here yet. When they get here I plan to blog some reviews about them, but in the mean time, can't help ya. I don't have the other ones either.
  14. lainiefig

    Updated Compendium?

    Sorry, the version I have on my site is the most recent I know about. The STS series was a little intimidating to add but perhaps we could update with at least the STS cardio workouts and the newest stuff coming out . I don't have everything either--maybe we could get a few of us working on...
  15. lainiefig

    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    You're welcome! Good thing you posted as I'd forgotten to add the latest two rotations--now I'm caught up. ;)
  16. lainiefig

    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    I have the rotation links for all Cathe's rotations updated through August '10 on my website: Fig's Fitness Tools for anyone who is interested.
  17. lainiefig

    Fitnessfreak's Rotations

    Thanks, Debbie! I updated the Fig's Fitness Tools page, too. Now I need to go add the latest Cathe rotations, too. I think I'm way behind....
  18. lainiefig

    Is anyone else a bit disturbed by VW's ads?

    We called it slug bug growing up in Texas and Oklahoma. My husband thinks the commercials are dumb because they are doing it for any VW rather than just bugs. Yeah, it's not a violent punching (unless you are hanging out with bullies) just a little punch to the arm. To me it wasn't so much...
  19. lainiefig

    fits of homicidal rage...

    I bought some window-obscuring film stuff to put on it but I haven't had a chance to put it up. Maybe after complaining about it today I'll bump it to the top of my to-do list. ;) Oh, and I'll attach a mailbox elsewhere when we get a new door. No more mail slot. The other problem with the...
  20. lainiefig

    fits of homicidal rage...

    I'm the same way about unexpected people at the door. I often try to ignore it but I have 3 windows in my door at eye level and people actually purposefully peer in looking for me so if I'm in the right parts of the house they see me. Grr. Plus my kids yell, "Mommy, there's someone at the...