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  1. spyrosmom

    Workout Manager problems.

    Never mind! A second cache clearing fixed it.
  2. spyrosmom

    Workout Manager problems.

    I'm having troubles, too. It works on my phone using Google, but not Safari. It doesn't work on the computer using Chrome. The buttons don't work, like I can't click on anything.
  3. spyrosmom

    Possible cancel?

    With Covid 19, things are changing daily. July is a long way off, and I'm hoping we are all free to go about normal life by then. I know things are changing by the day, and I assume for now the RT is still on. Is there a date that the call will be made to cancel? Thanks!
  4. spyrosmom

    Data breach?

    Who knew? Thanks!!
  5. spyrosmom

    Data breach?

    Yup, it popped up on Chrome, and it looked like a normal Chrome pop up thing. Like their save your password, invalid password, etc boxes.
  6. spyrosmom

    Data breach?

    When I logged into the Workout Manager just a few moments ago, Chrome suggested a password change due to a site data breach. I last logged into the WM via Safari on my phone yesterday and it didn't do that. Was there a data breach? Do we know what, if anything, was exposed?
  7. spyrosmom

    Who is registered?

    Me! My first and only was in 2014 and I'm a bit askeered, but it'll be fun. I'm travelling by myself this time, the hunny and kid are staying home. Room's booked, but still need to decided if flying or driving.
  8. spyrosmom

    What Time Of Day Do You Like To Start Your Workout?

    Depends on my day. During the week, when I work, I either try to squash it in at lunchtime, depending on how may day is going, or do it after work. I'm up at 5:15 to be at work by 7 (45 minute drive) so morning isn't an option. On the weekends, in the morning, after breakfast, usually around 7...
  9. spyrosmom

    Workout Manager Down?

    The whole thing, on 3 different browsers. But it seems to be back now. Beats me. But thanks for looking!
  10. spyrosmom

    Workout Manager Down?

    Hi, It looks the like WM is down. I get a white screen with An exception occurred: String could not be parsed as XML in /www/sites/ on line 82 SimpleXMLElement->__construct() in...
  11. spyrosmom

    Hating Hammer & Chisel from Beach Body

    Leg day is my favorite thing and I've been eyeballing this one to complement half marathon training. Any chance you'd be willing to part with it?
  12. spyrosmom

    ICE rotations / Workout Manager

    Who knew? Thanks! That explains why on some browsers I see the ICE dvd pictures and on other I don't. Now I know how to fix it.
  13. spyrosmom

    Is Insanity a good option when resting from tennis elbow?

    It's be a while, but if I recall, there is a fair amount of burpees and pushups, That may not be the best idea for your elbow.
  14. spyrosmom

    Opinions Needed - STS or Body Beast

    They're both good. BB is easier, in my opinion. I know Sagi annoys some people, but I found him to be a loveable lunk of a meathead :) BB workouts are shorter, STS are longer, some go a bit more than an hour, and if you add the extra stretch it's another 15 minutes. I don't recall BB being...
  15. spyrosmom

    Save 15% on New 1 Year Cathe Live and OnDemand Memberships

    ohhhh, I think my resistance just crumbled.
  16. spyrosmom

    Permanent makeup, do you tip?

    I would say absolutely yes. I think of it as a tattoo, and it is. The standard tattoo tip around here is 20-25%, especially if they did a good job and you ever plan on going back. I don't know about the permanent makeup people, but a regular tattoo person often pays for their slot in the shop...
  17. spyrosmom

    Hard & Heavy ?

    Thanks for the article. I fall into the advanced category. This makes me happy, and will be a good reminder on those days when it isn't there for me.
  18. spyrosmom

    Question about Cathe Live and music

    My guess is because no one who has the rights to the songs has noticed.
  19. spyrosmom


    Ugh. I detest summer heat and humidity. I'm outside of Chicago and walking outside is like walking into a wall of ick. I'm a winter girl. Give me six inches of snow on the ground and let's go for a run. If it's humid and warm, I just want to stay inside. Probably because when I go outside...
  20. spyrosmom


    You can also just trade in your stuff to Amazon, and you'll get an Amazon credit. You'll probably get less than what you could sell it for, though. I've traded things in to not have to deal with being set up as a seller. It was stuff I wasn't using anyway, so why not?