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  1. owhynot

    Cathe's Booty Burn Live Workout

    Love this workout - I used gliding disks for the jumping jacks to keep this at no impact.
  2. owhynot

    Cathe STS 2.0 No Equipment Abs workout

    I worked up to 7 ball pikes. Just can't seem to do more, but I'm happy with 7
  3. owhynot

    Our 419th Cathe Live Broadcast
  4. owhynot


    expected to be here Friday, Oct 28...the barbell quick release clips, the light tension firewalker band (I still have another package of the wide bands) and two socks. I will order the calendar as soon as it is available. Oct 27 - my stuff came today. Cathe Heel Tab Training Socks and Cathe...
  5. owhynot


    I ordered the DVD's and downloads - why not for an extra $20. I was happy to read the fabric bands and loops will be used.
  6. owhynot

    New Balance Disc?

    I hope the Balance Disc's are used. I've have them from years ago for PT.
  7. owhynot

    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Features Two Foam Rolling Workouts

    Thank you so much for having a foam roller workout. I'm excited!!!
  8. owhynot

    Cathe's Fit Ball Express Live Workout

    I don't have LIve but I did buy the download and did this today - LOVE IT!!!
  9. owhynot

    workout combo moves

    a couple years ago Cathe did do some step tutorials on youtube. Here are links. I think there is a total of 8, I agree with what others have said...
  10. owhynot

    Video Clip of Cathe's Standing Legs Live Workout

    Thanks!! Jenn contacted me and I'm also going to get this. Love green so I couldn't resist :p
  11. owhynot

    Video Clip of Cathe's Standing Legs Live Workout

    I would love a medium shirt :D
  12. owhynot

    Video Clip Of Cathe's To The Mat: Legs, Glutes, and Core Live Workout

    I bought this download and did it today - LOVED it!!! This was PERFECT!!!
  13. owhynot

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Fit 400: Upper Body Blast Live Workout

    I bought the download this morning - love, love, love!!!:D
  14. owhynot

    Provide modifications for sliding exercises

    I love sliding exercises!!! I got these several years ago and they work great on carpet - adding 3/4/22 - I use these for some high impact moves like...
  15. owhynot

    Menopause and Losing Shapely Bum

    The exercises in the booklet are basic. The deck of cards are more in-depth. Cards 1-39 activate the booty only. Cards 40-52 activate the booty and legs. I haven't use the cards as much yet - but I do like the eBook. I'm glad I have both. I do modify or skip exercises that bother my knees.
  16. owhynot

    Video Clip Of Cathe's “Plyo” Legs: Low Impact LIVE!" Workout

    I bought this download and did it today with my modifications - loved it!!! Thank you - love any low / no impact workouts since my knees don't like impact.
  17. owhynot

    Menopause and Losing Shapely Bum

    for me, the bands are what worked the best and doing the exercises at least 2-3 times a week. I do these after my workout - doing 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps. Arena Strength has these cards (which I got) and ebooks (which I also have)...
  18. owhynot

    Menopause and Losing Shapely Bum

    I felt I had a slow leak in my rear. In 2018 (58) I bought the cloth Arena Strength bands and used them. I joined their FB group for the exercises. The bands also came with a book of exercises. My leak went away, I'm 61 now. I was not consistent using them so I was happy Cathe came out...
  19. owhynot

    2022 Calendar??

    I'm in Idaho and I received mine today.
  20. owhynot

    Last 2 CatheLive not available for purchase/download?

    Bands, Loops, and Weights-Oh My is up and ready for purchase - thank you!!!