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  1. Ly10up

    Plant-based suggestions please

    Clean food Dirty Girl Forks over Knives Doesn’t taste like chicken Lots of recipes, ideas and great info.
  2. Ly10up

    Cathe Live Users ... which spin workout?

    I agree, all are great. You won’t be disappointed with any of them. I use them a lot.
  3. Ly10up

    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    <—-is sad as well. <—-loved Miss NancyFancyPants posts <—-misses those wild forum days. <—-sends a hug to each of the OALers
  4. Ly10up

    Type Of Workouts Cathletes Need To Work On For Road Trip 2018

    You can take a break. Or just have a seat and watch. It looks like there will be a DJ for the spin, so watching and singing may be great fun.
  5. Ly10up

    Cathe Live on iphone

    I posted this in the Live tutorial feed, but thought it might be useful here. I'm using my roku to stream Live from my iPad to my TV using an app called iWebTV. It's available on roku, and once downloaded to the roku and my iPad I'm able stream away. Hope that helps some roku folks.
  6. Ly10up

    Calendars Are Now Shipping

    Thanks Have a fabulous holiday.
  7. Ly10up

    Last Chance to Order Your 2017 Cathe Calendar!

    Hi all, when will the calendars ship?
  8. Ly10up

    workout room mirrors

    I purchased mirrors from a glass shop and a construction friend installed them. Not terrible expensive. About 300.00 and I've enjoyed it for 10 years. So about 10 bucks a year. JeanneMarie, your room is beautiful, Here's mine.
  9. Ly10up

    So excited!

    Hi all, We have a facebook page for Road trippers (and other Cathletes) if you feel like joining us. It's a great place to get to know some of the trippers and ask questions. There's always a lobby party at the hotel (they have a great fire pit perfect for cathlete conversations) where we...
  10. Ly10up

    Road Trip check-in?

    Hi there! Congratulations on getting in. If you are interested, we have a road trip page on facebook you are welcome to join. It's a fun way to get to know some of the trippers, ask questions, etc. Here's the link: Hope to see you there.
  11. Ly10up

    Link to Book Room at hotel

    There are rooms available, but the charge is a bit higher than the RT rate.
  12. Ly10up

    Merry Christmas to Nancy in customer service!!!!

    She is something special. Bees knees. Thanks Nancy
  13. Ly10up

    Any idea as to workouts yet?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm sure we will love the classes. Always do. See you soon, Forum_admin.
  14. Ly10up

    Any idea as to workouts yet?

    Hi Cathe and team, Any idea as to the workouts planned for our fabulous workout weekend? The RT folks were orchestrating their ziplocks and wondered if you had any plans yet. Thanks!
  15. Ly10up

    Glassboro 2015 RT Countdown!

    So cool about the spin. It will be so fun.