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  1. carres1973

    Anyone have a dyson?

    Another with the animal Dyson (purple). I LOVE it! I have had it for about six months and wonder how I ever thought my carpets were clean before. I have a coupld smaller area rugs in my kitchen. It can suck up the ends but you get used to it. The easiest "fix" is to have someone stand on...
  2. carres1973

    Vibram FiveFingers-Bikila

    Glad you are liking your Bikila's. I found them to be just a little tight across the top of my foot so returned the pair I had. I have ordered (for DH to give me on Christmas) the Speed, which at this point is only available in Europe. Thankfully, his daughter is coming over from England (if...
  3. carres1973

    Harry Potter

    We saw it twice this weekend - once just DH and I, next day with DD and DS. We LOVED it. I had not read the book since it first came out so had actually forgotten some pieces. I am now re-reading the book and it is amazing how well they matched the book, including using some of the dialogue...
  4. carres1973

    Where is your bookmark? (book thread)

    What a good idea Clare! Thank you. I am going to request Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on CD. I love audio books! They are great for when I take walks. Carrie
  5. carres1973

    Where is your bookmark? (book thread)

    I am currently reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I am only on page 50 something but I already know more about corn and corn production that I ever wanted to! I have recently made the decision to go grain-free (more of a primal/paleo eating style). I read The Primal Blueprint and have The Paleo...
  6. carres1973

    Now I am angry...

    Unfortunately, I don't think this can be fixed by Obama. I often wonder why companies ship jobs overseas. Is it because the company leaders are greedy and want to make the most money possible? Is it because we (American workers) want too much money, benefits, etc? Unless a vast majority of...
  7. carres1973

    Washington D.C. 10/30 & 10/31

    How awesome! The family was going to go (DH, DD, DS, and I) but we were invited to go to Aruba in January so decided we had to do the "mature" thing and save money :-(! Carrie
  8. carres1973

    Anyone have the Dyson Vacuum cleaner?

    About 3 months ago I was in the same spot as you. I have two cats and a dog who shed like crazy. Add to that, my daughter and I both have long hair...and we seem to shed just as bad as the pets! I had been through three vacuum's in about as many years. I had a coupon and an interest free...
  9. carres1973

    Question for Vibram 5 Fingers Users

    I wear mine barefoot at this point. I have a pair of classics and a pair of sprints. I have a pair of Bikila's on the way (for the colder weather) and will probably wear Injinji socks with them. Most of the e-tailers who sell Vibram's sell the toe socks as well. I think any toe socks would...
  10. carres1973

    Last appointment: when salon closed or before?

    I agree with Phyllis. I would think it means they actually close the doors, and would like most clients gone by closing time. I was in getting my hair cut at a salon a couple months ago. The hairdresser and I started talking hair color and a change I would like to make. She said there wasn't...
  11. carres1973

    Parental Controls

    Windows 7 and Vista also have parental control software built in. They can be personalized for each log-in ID. I can (and do!) control what time's my DD can be on the computer, what "rating" website will be blocked (i.e. PG, G, etc.), what items can be blocked (weapons, violence, cartoon...
  12. carres1973

    Something Bad For You That You Gave Up...But You Still Miss It?

    Wow! Props to you two for giving up sugar and diet sodas. I know both are bad for me. I cannot see how I could ever stop drinking my Diet Coke. I don't drink coffee and don't like unsweetened tea...what would I drink with my breakfast? Yes, that's right. I drink Diet Coke with breakfast...
  13. carres1973

    Something Bad For You That You Gave Up...But You Still Miss It?

    Another thread got me thinking, with all of you healthy ladies and gents, is there something you know is bad for you that you gave up for the good of your health, but that you still miss anyway? I quit smoking 3 years ago...and still miss it terribly. I always say, if I am ever diagnosed...
  14. carres1973

    Regulating use of food stamps in NYC...

    Oh, I wouldn't want there to be smoking actually in the seats, but a designated smoking area would have been NICE. I also don't smoke anymore...and can I just say, I miss it EVERY DAY!!! Carrie
  15. carres1973

    Regulating use of food stamps in NYC...

    My thought is that if it is considered income discrimination for the poor who are on food stamps to not be allowed to purchase certain products with said food stamps, it would also be income discrimination for those who are "affluent" to pay more. Kind of reminds me of the "sin tax" on...
  16. carres1973

    Johnny Depp

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Johnny Depp...ever since the old 21 Jumpstreet days. What a cool thing for him to do. Carrie
  17. carres1973

    no more D'S at this high school.

    Here, here! I whole heartedly agree! I was really good at math (algebra, trig, etc.) but MAN, did I HATE geometry. Carrie
  18. carres1973

    Are you my mommy?

    Awww...what sweet photos. It's nice to see competing animals living in harmony. Love it! THREAD HIJACK: speaking of love...LOVE the pic of the little one Liann:-)!! Carrie
  19. carres1973

    Smoking at bus stop!

    I have to agree with Debbie (FitnessFreak) on this one. You are outside. It is her right to smoke outside. Government regulation hasn't gotten that strict yet :-). My favorite is that now that smoking is banned in restaurants here, all the smokers stand right outside the door and smoke. You...
  20. carres1973

    Doggy playtime pics!

    I have decided what I want to do as a career with the rest of my life. I want to run a doggy day care like that. I LOVE the looks of that. How very sweet. Carrie