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  1. LeanneM

    Insomniacs, please help a desperate sista out!

    Hi Morningstar, In addition to the other suggestions that people have offered, have you tried acupuncture? I've been going to a great acupuncturist to treat my migraines, and she's also been helping me with insomnia/stress. I've had no problems sleeping (and no migraines!) since going to her...
  2. LeanneM

    knee pain 1st time ever

    I've been having some knee issues the last few years, and a DVD that really helps me is called Strong Knees by Chantal Donnelly, who is a physical therapist. There is a longer stretching/workout section on it, but I tend to do the seven-minute stretch and strengthening section more often...
  3. LeanneM

    Workouts with squat-thrust cardio drills?

    Hi Annette, Jillian Michael's Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism also has a lot of Insanity-style drills on it. While it's not as hard as Insanity, it's still a pretty tough workout. :)
  4. LeanneM

    Q about STS rotation

    Thanks, Lina! I really appreciate it! :)
  5. LeanneM

    Q about STS rotation

    Hi Lina, Can I ask you a question? Did you do Meso 1 and Meso 3 the regular amount of time (4 weeks each) and just Meso 2 for eight weeks? I was thinking of doing that when I start a second round of STS later this month. Thanks!:D Sorry, too, KC5689, for hijacking your thread! :)
  6. LeanneM

    cathe??? sts cardio & strength rotiations?

    Bumping! I would also love to know when the all-STS rotation is available. Will it be posted in the Workout Manager once it's ready? Thanks!
  7. LeanneM

    my shock cardio is coming on today's UPS truck!

    Mine should be here today, too! I ordered mine the first day of the pre-sale, but it takes so darn long for them to get here to California! Happy dance! :D
  8. LeanneM

    Paper plate subsitute?

    Hi Nicole, I have the foam puzzle mats, too, and the plastic Gliding Disks (purple ones) work great on it. I have the disks that are designed for carpeted areas since I was originally working out on carpet before getting my puzzle mats. I can't remember where I ordered them since I've had...
  9. LeanneM

    New Workouts in Workout Manager!

    Eek! I can't find the new workouts! Are they under the Rotations link in the Workout Manager? Is the all-STS rotation up, too? Thanks for any help!:) ETA: I found the STS Cardio DVD's, but is the all-STS rotation up yet?? I'm waiting for that to come out so I can get going on a rotation...
  10. LeanneM

    Rotations for STS workouts

    Ooh, that is so exciting! Thanks for keeping us posted!:D Mine won't be here until Thursday, but I'm itching to get going with an all-STS rotation!
  11. LeanneM

    Rotations for STS workouts

    I think Chris/SNM said that an all-STS rotation would be posted in the Workout Manager once the STS Cardio workouts shipped, so I'm hoping that that will be available before January. :)
  12. LeanneM

    Will new products be at Amazon?

    Hi SNM, I was just wondering if the new Altus Fitness by Cathe products will be available at Amazon at some time in the near future. If so, do you know when they'll be in stock? Thanks!:)
  13. LeanneM

    MMA Boxing gloves

    Hi Chastity, Glad to help! :D From what I've read on-line, you can use the wraps underneath the gloves -- and it's such a great deal to get both, along with the DVD and other goodies!
  14. LeanneM

    MMA Boxing gloves

    If anyone is still looking for boxing gloves, Costco has a great price on a set of the pink Everlast ones...
  15. LeanneM

    SNM FBC question

    Bumping! I'd love to know this, too. I stopped by my local Dick's today, but they didn't have any of the new products. :(
  16. LeanneM

    Shock Cardio Project Update - Dec 4th

    What exciting news! Thanks for the update! :D
  17. LeanneM

    Spring break in San Diego?

    Thanks for the response! That hotel is one of the nicest in San Diego, and Coronado has some of the loveliest beaches! Can't wait! :D
  18. LeanneM

    Spring Break With the Cathletes

    The weekend sounds like it will be awesome, and thanks for the quick response! I live in San Diego, and, yes, summertime is always busy -- especially since the July date was right after Comic Con, when hotels are at a premium. Can't wait to see Cathe in March! This is so exciting!!:D
  19. LeanneM

    Spring Break With the Cathletes

    Hi Cathe and SNM, I posted this in the Ask Cathe forum before realizing that there was this forum. Sorry! Anyways, I was wondering: does this mean that you won't be coming in July of 2010 to the SD Convention Center? Thanks!
  20. LeanneM

    Spring break in San Diego?

    Hi Cathe and/or SNM, I just saw the post about you coming here to San Diego in March, and was so excited to see it. Does this mean that you won't be coming in July of 2010 to the SD Convention Center? Thanks!