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  1. ASUDaizy

    STS Tower Shipping Update

    Special thanks to Cathe and all the staff for the hard work and effort put into getting us the towers as soon as you can! You always go above and beyond and it is appreciated!
  2. ASUDaizy

    YEA!!! Towers arrived!

    WOOHOO!! I'm so excited about the towers! and will probably start another round of STS within the next few weeks now that I have that! YAY!!
  3. ASUDaizy

    Looking for pics of power tower

    Thanks for the updates guys! I definitely like the idea of the 2 lb gloves!
  4. ASUDaizy

    Looking for pics of power tower

    I too would like to see some pictures....I missed the webcasts and it also said they were going to talk about other upcoming products.....anyone know what those were? :-)
  5. ASUDaizy

    STS benefical if you need to lose?

    During my rotation of STS, I did running as my cardio. I did 2 days on the treadmill working with inclines/speed/tempo and then 1 outdoor run to train for a I was running 3-6 miles each cardio routine. I ran my 1st 10K the weekend before my last week of meso2 and I did it in...
  6. ASUDaizy

    Post-STS Strength program

    I too was curious what others were doing....but I'm doing 3 days running, 1 or 2 days of circuits (Drill Max, BM2, LIC) and then 1 or 2 days of weights (MM/PP/SS) for about 5-6 weeks and then I'm thinking the tower might be here and either do another rotation of STS or I might train for a 1/2...
  7. ASUDaizy

    If you're able to chat, join me here

    Hey Cathe! I just wanted to chime in that I just started STS Meso 3 this week and am LOVING the program! And I just bought 5 other dvd's for when STS is over....I did the Body Max 2 Cardio Blast last night....WOW! I wouldn't expect anything less than a kick butt workout from you! I love the...
  8. ASUDaizy


    Hey everyone. Sorry I have been missing. Work got really busy for me and I don't have a home computer right now bc mine died so I'm on my iPhone so I read everything and am thinking of you but can't type personals since this keyboard is small. But I did a speed treadmill run on thurs and...
  9. ASUDaizy

    Step Question...

    I cannot believe you just asked this question!! I just purchased the high step and original step and I kept clicking back and forth trying to check and make sure the risers fit both so I didn't have to buy too many extra risers!! Thanks for confirming this for me as well!
  10. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers, STS, day!!!

    Hey Ladies!! Hey Ladies!! I was really busy yesterday and didn't get to check-in....but I did an Advanced Tempo treadmill wo last night....I finally made it through all 4 sets unmodified...then went on a walk with my mom (my parents live 5 mins from me) and then did disc 14 this morning. I...
  11. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers KICKED BUTT on our Easter Challenge (Monday)

    I'm back....and confessing.... Morning all you fit STS warriors! :D I'm back and must's a good thing I took my magazines and books to read.....Fri morning was a disaster and then they chose to go shopping with me, and I'm not sure why b/c then I had to hurry b/c they were...
  12. ASUDaizy


    Hey ladies!! Well, we're here in the Mtns, it's POURING and they're calling for thunderstorms....I'm really really's hard to explain how we arrived last night and they played poker so I just went to bed....then so far today his dad has watched the golf channel and MTV, which I...
  13. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers, STS, Thursday the 9th

    Morning! Gooooood Mooorrnnnninnnggg!!! :p Hope everyone's day started out great....mine did as I did STS disc 15, week 1 round 1 done. Check. HEHE!! Can I tell you how much I love this mesocycle!?!? :D So, last night, going to bed, I realized my legs were feeling disc 14....woke up and...
  14. ASUDaizy

    6 Montheres, STS, Wednesday

    Happy Wed! Morning all you FIT ladies! Gayle, I can't believe how early you are up and moving! I set the alarm for 4, but usually hit snooze at least once and snuggle with the dogs until closer to 415 before rolling out of bed ;) But I love finding other morning people! Okay, I'm going...
  15. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers, STS, Tuesday

    WTG HEELS! :-) GOOD MORNING! Aren't we a lively bunch today!?!?! :D I'm loving it!! I surprised myself being able to get up and do a treadmill routine this morning since I stayed up through halftime making sure my Tarheels won!! YAY! I'm a huge UNC fan. Anyways, I did a 30 min tempo...
  16. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers, STS Monday the 6th

    Okay ladies, we're having email trouble so I'm able to sneak back in here....yay for others on the same week as me....this is my 1st week through, you guys too? I'm still working on catching up and who's who, so I apologize.....and are a lot of you guys doing the cardio coach thing? I'm not...
  17. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers, STS Monday the 6th

    Happy Monday ladies!! I started Meso 2 this morning with disc 13. It was completely different and this is a completely new style of lifting for me. I really liked it. It will take me a little while to get used to the longer breaks, but it was great. I dropped the soap twice in the shower...
  18. ASUDaizy

    Where can I buy the Power Tower?

    Another bump.....I just started meso 2 today and would have LOVED to have this piece of equipment....can't wait to order this and have it in my house! :-) Any update would be great!
  19. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers, STS, FRIDAY!!!!!!

    What an amazing story Gayle. I am sorry for your loss as well. You are awesome!
  20. ASUDaizy

    6 Monthers, Thursday the 2nd

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Thanks guys for the suggestions on the fish!! I greatly appreciate it! I am really slow when it comes to thinking outside the box and being creative....I always need a recipe to follow.....and I'm getting really tired of over doing it on chicken! :)